Pheons are not the upsetting part of this

When everyone saw the mail on each character most assumed it was a mistake since they have never given that much of a reward and to do it with no announcement would be nuts. The issue I have is that we have been dealing with disconnects since last maintenance, the auction house is near unusable im assuming because of the amount of bots trying to use it. These issues have not been touched, but they accidentally give out too many rewards? Fixed in less than 3 hours. Just a major disconnect between the community and those fixing the game.

Again, not concerned at all about losing the Pheons but to ignore ongoing issues without any updates and to see this be the issue that is fixed immediately shows the concern is straight money and not fixing/improving the game. Communities lack of faith in developers will lose them way more money in the long run than pumping some Pheons into the community (which they have already acknowledged they are trying to find more ways to get pheons out)

I would have suggested to leave it, say it was a mistake and say they will be better. But unfortunately that will not happen. Ill still play, i really enjoy the game but i dont imagine putting any more money into it.


To be fair, it has taken them much longer than that to fix it. That’s just how long it took them to break even more stuff in their panic.


Very true, i meant fixed as in resolved for them with noone else being able to claim and a fix being implemented.

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