Pheons are the devil

So a couple of days ago a made a post about pheons are bad and ruining experience for the gamme, but instead of replaying what they did? yes, they removed my topic, So here we go again, remove pheon from the game, the fact that we have to buy with GOLDS a currency that I need to have to buy accessories for my main OR WORST FOR MY ALTS, it’s unbelivable baddd, the RNG is bad


Appreciate the heads up guys, I’ll let them team know to look into it


It probably got removed because you make no sense. Youre upset you have to spend gold? Everything costs gold lol

Also, pheons are the only thing keeping your accessories affordable. Do you see whats happening to the cost of legendary class books? Ya that would happen to the cost of accessories/stones if pheons didnt exist. Pheons are saving you right now

For an average player, that is, it is not a whale, it does not rmt, nor does it have an endless list that ends the daily ones when the soft reset is done.

You have the option if there is a crazy BC inflation, buy some gold for BC for basic subsistence and buy the pehon with RC. If, on the other hand, there is no inflation, then better, just buy some pheon for RC.

I hear this pheon excuse a lot, but can’t wrap my head around it. Pheons cost BC, which you can trade for a certain amount of gold. So you can figure out how much gold per pheon. So if gold is 2000 per 95 BC and 100 pheons are 850 BC, then that’s 17,894 gold per 100 pheons or 4,473 gold per 25 pheons (per relic accessory).

So the question is: if pheons are adding 5k gold per relic accessory, and a relic accessory costs say 50k, why would it become unaffordable without pheons? Without pheons it would be 55k. Why do people say accessories would somehow spike in price beyond the pheon cost in gold? What market force would cause that? If you claim that 50K accessory would become 200K, then the price NOW with pheons would be 195K.

Pheons don’t keep accessories affordable. Accessory price is generally set by supply and demand as normal with any AH with the only difference being a few thousand gold for the pheon cost.


Well theres multiple reasons. Ive posted it many times and ppl dont seem to understand but the proof is really showing with class engraving books going up nonstop. Ill give it very high level tho because im sure my post will again be ignored like usual and ppl will say “pheons are evil”

  1. mentality. Ppl think pheons are evil and a tax and a large population refuse to convert gold into pheons. This directly reduces demand which keeps the prices low. If this mental barrier was removed, the supply wouldnt keep up with demand and ud see the exact samething happening with class books. Going up in price everyday.

  2. inflation of prices. Without pheons, everything would go up in price, im sure i dont have to explain why. This would hurt new players because they dont have the gold generation someone with 6 x 1445+ does. Right now, even tho new players dont understand, we get 50-100 pheons a month for free. This helps new players get stones/accessories for super cheap using the free pheons. If pheons are gone and ability stones triple in price, how will they get gold to buy them? Theres no more discount tickets in the form of pheons for them.

Jeah the part where u try to buy blue crystals with gold and its only a chance to actually get the crystals
And that the pheons u buy are also a random amount is really unfair… /s

Maybe ur posts would stay up if u took some time for proper feedback
And not a 10 year old rant about mimimi me no likey

Just another pheon thread? No staff reply, what can I expect?
Right, just another day in LoA

  1. Mentality - I’m sure some people think this way no doubt. But there is also a population who is not tricked and know exactly the pheon cost. Let’s say a 50K accessory would somehow become 200K without pheons. That means it’s trading right now at a 145K discount. There are enough people who understand pheons that they would immediately buy this accessory at such a steep discount. But this is not happening as the AH is full of accessories. Likely because there are no such steep discounts and they are priced more or less by supply and demand.

  2. Inflation - Without pheons, everything would go up in price by the gold cost of pheons (e.g., 5k per relic accessory). But that’s not quite inflation because current prices are reduced by the gold cost in pheons. Without pheons, the accessories would just cost what supply and demand determine.

  3. Stones - A 50 gold relic stone right now really costs 1660 gold with pheon cost included (assuming 2000 gold per 95 BC so 9 pheons is 1610 gold). So ofc stone prices would go up drastically, but no more than the pheon price in gold. That is, it already costs 1660 for that stone (50 + 1610) and without pheons it would cost 1660 (1660 + 0 for no pheons).


As far as i understand the system, pheons are there to keep the crystals demand up. Removing pheons wont make everything more expensive than it is now, but it would reduce the crystals demand so it would hurt the company’s profit and whales, so it is very unlikely to happen, but in my opinion the current sustem could be improved, for example by lowering the pheon cost for ability stones because they are very rng in nature

1- if its not more than we think how do you explain the surge of prices of class books compared to stuff that costs pheons? They are both end game and needed for 5x3. It is a much bigger impact than you think

2- if costs would go up by the value of pheons, then whats the issue? Its the same cost increase in gold with or without pheons. In fact ur getting a huge discount with the free events we get from events

I dont even know why i bother trying to explain this, good luck to you guys lol

  1. Not sure what class engraving books have to do with pheons since you don’t need pheons to get them. Class books are going up because demand is outpacing supply. The drop rate is very low for them and less players are doing content that drops them.

  2. There is no issue. I’m simply arguing against the idea that prices would go up more than the pheon price in gold. And the events give, what, 15 pheons per week? You need 125 pheons for 5 relic accessories so that would take 9 weeks. The vast majority of pheons used are purchased with BC.

  1. Dude its comparing purchasing with pheons vs not. One system is stable with supply and demand, and the other is constantly going up (demand far exceeds supply which pheons would fix). What dont u get? Its a simple comparison

  2. Ok so u agree? Lol. Why do u need everything right away. 9 weeks in an mmo to fully gear sounds good to me

So i need to wait 9 weeks to start playing my class and buy busses until then

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As long as players are willing to list things within some margin of the pheon cost then people looking to manipulate the market can’t do so effectively.

Removing pheons on relic would be devastating. Everything would cost more than it does with them.

Removing pheons on lower tier stuff makes sense kinda, but pheons there act as a way for new players to get things using a “free” resource with minimal gold.

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  1. Pheons don’t change supply and demand. So yeah still lost on this comparison. Book drop rates are atrocious so you get high prices. Put pheons on them and they would reduce in cost by the pheon cost in gold that’s it.

  2. Again confused what this has to do with the idea that removing pheons increases the price beyond the pheon price in gold. Still this idea has not been justified and simply can’t.

U expect to be fully geared day 1? Why dont u just play overwatch or dota if you dont like building up a character. The genre of the game is literally progression

How do pheons not impact supply and demand? Are u trolling me lol

Supply: Drops from monsters. With pheons, monster drop rate = X. Without pheons, monster drop rate = X. No change without or without to supply.

Demand: Number of players desiring an item and having item cost + pheon cost in gold. Number of players desiring an item constant with or without pheons. If they have the gold to buy pheons, then they have the gold to pay the increased cost without pheons since it would be the exact cost of pheons.

Hence, pheons have no impact on supply or demand.

Dude by your definition, why would you complain about pheons then? If it has no change in how much you spend or on the supply then whats the problem?