Pheons cost and alts and new people

Ah okay more yohos I guess

I’m not praying for any miracles that the pheon system gets fully overhauled or anything, but they should at least do something to keep the price independent of the gold price of blue crystals.

Last I saw blue crystals were 700 per 95, and if you bought the 100 pheons in the store you’re looking at 6300 gold, which is just the cost of buying the pheons - and that’s enough for 5 accessories and 5 ability stones. It’s 6300 gold out the gate to even buy accessories.

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Pheons cost too much and the accessories demand too many pheons to be bought, they should reduce the cost of pheons or the number of pheons when we purchase T3 accessories! But they don`t care!!

that cost is entirely player driven
if blue crystals plumet to 50 gold pheons will be barely an inconvenience for you

SA economy just fucked up iunno why they charging u guys more than NA
Historically games consoles like PS3/4 have always cost more prob something to do with taxes

Well its SA u guys touch grass more, party, days off enjoy life

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How many pheons you have OP?

Pheon costs need to be reduced or abandoned altogether. Feels terrible to trade/buy anything.

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