Pheons for alts?!

I am on the same boat as other players when it comes to gearing my alts, where unfinished characters stays so for a while because of the pheon costs.

I mean I can respect the pheon cost at 25 from auction house. But to my own Alts I would like to have a discount ? For having to loot the item myself…

A good option would be if there was a button that transfer gear to roster stash and depending on if legendary / relic etc the pheon cost for taking them out from stored roster could be a discount compared to auction house ? I don’t know maybe 15 pheons for a relic accessories ? Also make them non tradeable or something I don’t know.

Just give us a better way to gear our alts :confused: it feels like when the late t3 on alts kick in. You lose a lot for the main character trying to fix them so we even get invites to groups.