Pheons have to go

Perhaps we have different idea what the term “gold sink” is. For me, it’s a way that the system drains one’s gold. And peon does exactly that, unless you are willing to swipe which is worse.

Though going back to your explanation, peon then is a mask to money sink. Buying BR to convert it into gold requires RMT. Whatever the case is, peon does not work for us. It works against us.

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Yes I looked at it again today, these pheons are rubbish, I buy an item for 100gold on AH and get charged 15 pheons which work out to 10gems per pheon or 100gold each, so the items plus pheon cost is 1500+100 +cost for trade fee=1600g for a terrible item that’s worth no more then 20g. 100 pheons =850gems??? that’s 8500 gold for pheons? this needs to be sorted asap. 1 pheon 100gold for an item is good enough. we have 3 to4 alts and they are using all from the same pot? Trash idea. This will kill this game mark my words, no one is good to pay for pheons only whales and they are limited amount of players that rush game, get bored then move on. This game could be way better it’s like they cant think out of the box of money-making if you have players it is money if you have no players and bored ones you lose them.

The raid to limited and dungeons are limited, what happens to running dungeons for fun and hope you roll good items that are made for your class? Also, books you need you roll random bad ones all the time, engravings that are trash, everyone has Grunge and keen, whatever the top 4 are, what the point of all the others if they are trash and very limited, no individual style engraving that does different good stuff, cause to limited and big negatives. The game needs fixing in a very big way. The island and sea could have way more things you could pick up or do and trades skills could be opened, not cost you crazy gold when you’re making them. and the cost way too high, I really don’t get it. If you have items to make the product why would it cost gold? should be supply and demand farmed by players. That means you are making money cause players online are money if they want the perks to farm in bulk, like pets that carry a large number of items if you are farming.
This game is all old dudes playing bikini-wearing white girls, that are meant to be armor, it’s a joke. A character that is only as strong as the items he is wearing.

In MMOs a gold sink occurs when gold is removed from the game’s economy permanently, it’s purpose is to cause deflation.

I have to agree, pheons are one of the dumbest things i have seen.

@Roxx we need an immediate change to pheons before this game dies bc of it. i haven’t sold a quality piece of relic gear in over 3 weeks.

crystal prices are ridiculously high. rmt bans. argos busses are now risk of bans due to rmt gold. we don’t have the gold we need to support them. how can we enjoy playing this game on our alts when guardian and legion raids take a miserable amount of time due to engravings? my trash gear alts can’t even get into runs let alone when they do the dps is garb. anyone playing the game non rmt doesn’t have enough gold to justify pheons for gearing more than one character.

AGS, you told us this game wouldn’t be p2w at launch. you said playing alts is how to avoid p2w. now please give us a break here and make a very needed change.

proposed solutions:

  1. make pheons more accessible in game
  2. heavily nerf the cost of pheons
  3. when creating an alt, all characters receive 300 char bound pheons for their use to gear up (or create char specific achievements for each tier… idc get creative)
  4. remove them altogether
  5. other solutions?
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Straight up put a gold tax of 10-15% on purchased items from the market auction just like Black desert does.

the real problem is that it feels very very miserable to pay to play. it is to pay to have the option to play f2p and be able to get your own gold. without sense

They make work in Korea but here they are a massive hinderance to experimentation and alts.

when you need to swipe card to get it? or maybe wasting around 3k Gold RN because the purple crystal price is around 1k for 95, because fck u ill take my 5 crystal tax, and log in reward… like 15 pheons every month with a an ongoing 9 pheons weekly? that’s a nonsense, besides if they add pheons to Prime Gaming will be more profitable to them instead of trying to give us leftovers

Maybe… Prime gaming rewards around 20 pheons? with their normal log in 15 Pheons reward and maybe a weekly purchase of 10-20 pheons roster limit with bloodstones/gold/pirate coins? aside of the purchable 9 weekly pheons because event (that could be higher up to 20 and won’t hurt anyone)

giving all characters 300 or so character bound will solve for the alt issue.

also removing pheons from mailing inside roster would be nice. makes no sense aside from trying to creating revenue.

Pheon is a stupid thing… I want to buy some accesories with 100-500 gold but i need 25 pheons, what mean 25 pheons? 95 blue crystal cost 1k gold now, ii need 250 blue crystal to can buy 25 pheons, that mean 2500 gold, so i need to pay 2500 gold to buy an 200 gold item? how is that fair for f2p player? Im not pro player, im not a rinch man and i play this game to relax, but i can`t buy my accesories because this ridiculous pheon system, and to be honest, if i must wait to drop good accesories, i think i most live 3-4 lifes to get 1 with good stats…

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as long as pheons exist all my alt’s are gonna be out of whack engraving wise and yes it is a money grab because depending on the trade ratio of gold to blue crystals i’m not forking over 9-10k gold for 800 blue crystals to buy 100 pheons so i can then have the right to buy what i want

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@Shadow_Fox I was never going to bump my own thread, but here you go since you seem to be be at least looking at them… There was a ton of discussion in this thread months ago that was completely ignored.

pheons are the worst. it discourages alt play. you can’t share items with your rostered characters. there isnt enough gold obtainable anymore to justify buying them. no one is buying anything anymore due to the pheon cost. its causing the crystal cost to sore and its freezing the entire economy - the entire game feels stale honestly.

you could have a really fun game where people feel motivated to gear their characters w fun builds etc but instead we’re sitting here unwilling to buy items solely bc of the pheon tax. you’re getting actual money from many sources why do you continue to use pheons as a cash cow. theyre literally going to ruin this game. :frowning:

ags you have no business developing or publishing and wasting our time lol. smilegate you have zero business in the western market if you refuse to adapt your game for the audience. lost ark really felt like it could’ve been dope but now every is banned or in the process of quitting + plus all big streamers have bounced to POE. rip.

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Well said. It feels such a drag to accessorize my 6 alts. So I end up using my leg acc still for almost all of my alts. Pheons tax us too much. It’s especially bad when it’s added with the RNG of stone cutting. Some folks I know spent like 100-150k gold just to cut a 7/7 stone. Most of it came from buying pheons.

i quick to this game, i’m playing only to buy pheons…

Its ridiculous

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I have thought about this argument a lot, but I don’t think it very much stands anymore, the markets pretty much are barren. People don’t want to pay pheons if it’s not for bis, so it’s a waste of time to even add anything semi-decent/decent.