Pheons how is this fair?

How is this fair??? People who were not able to log on during the incident didn’t receive anything, however those that did get to have all the pheons and not get deducted. How is this an acceptable policy??? You should give all players the pheons or deduct pheons for those that got the pheons! After the 5 hour maintenance your solution is to only hurt players who can’t be on 24/7 and you claim that you are trying to support all players!!!


Mostly NA Players got them so AGS is fine. Fuk EU Player-Timezones

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Would you like them to take down the server and pull pheons in an attempt to fix it?
What did that get you previously?

Watch what you ask for, you might get it.

What are you talking about? It was 1-2am announcement and got reverted before 7am.

Only degens that don’t have work gottem

I’m not saying that they should do another maintenance again as clearly its utterly useless, but they should support the players that were not able to collect them by giving them the pheons. If you don’t agree clearly you collected the pheons so this does not apply for you since you got all the reward and no punishment.

I think you’ll find more EU players got them than NA players so you should be saying fuk NA player-timezones?!?!

Na in most AGS actions they are positive for NA and not EU.

I just don’t want more maintenance to fix the issue in any fashion. That is my concern.

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