Pheons is terrible for this Alt System

you didnt even post the right set pieces? also youre missing accessories. and the fact its only 2 tradable meaning its accountign for pheon costs. try harder

the pheons arent the problem. they maintain market value of the item while making the gold lower.
also how am i looking for fights im fixing your problem because youre clearly unaware of the way market value works and how spending the phone cost is the exact same price as buying it normally.

not cherry picking im hitting the entire argument as you edit it

but thats why it’s wanted that we make lots of alts…Pheons, character extension slots, character bound skins etc etc are the big money makers

Pheon system ONLY works when THIS is balanced and not inflated.

But because of bots this is MASSIVELY inflated causing pheons to cost way more than intended

because of bots we are punished in the pheon system and amazon has done NOTHING about it. Even as much as TAKING away the extra they accidentally gave us.

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only people who benefit from that are whales who buy their pheons with real money so they can save their gold.

you’re the one who’s clearly unaware how economy works, you cant possibly know how the lack of pheons would affect the market if we never had a game with no pheons, plus there are lots of other things to consider like supply and demand for instance.

This is a dumb argument, inflation means prices are getting higher, prices of blue crystal have been rising steadilly ever since the game launched, and youre saying the price is “inflated”? whats the non inflated price of blue crystals? How would it be balanced? Based on what? If based on the current economy it IS balanced, there’s more gold in the economy, the price of everything is higher and so is the price of blue crystalls, the problem is not the price its the existence of blue crystalls itself.

Its “NOT” because of bots (at least not only), reasons for inflation are many, people have more ways to generate gold in the game, then the game depends on people spending money in the game just to keep the economy functioning (it was just designed that way) and here in the west people dont like p2w that much and the whales probably already got everything they wanted, a third reason would be the dwindling playerbase, with less people playing the game there’s less resources being generated (accs, stones, books, etc) so the prices of those will be higher so the few people still willing to put money in the game will demand more gold for their royal crystals. Bots are just a scapegoat that people like to blame because they’re too lazy (dense) to think.

Now if you wanna know the real design flaw of this game I’ll refer you to a comment I made not too long ago

This game is like an endless marathon, the hardcore will keep farming gold every week, running every raid on every alt to generate as much gold as possible, everyone not willing to give up their lives for a video game will fall behind and get eaten up by the inflation, its a keep swimming or drown situation, and everyone will drown at some point.

This is an in betwen game, people are playing this waiting for the next big release (if we ever see any) and when that happens playerbase will plummet so hard that even the bots wont bother, game is poorly designed in almost every way except the combat where its decent at best.

Nah bro

Bots collect gold > sell massive amounts for cheap > players use tons of gold to buy crystals which drove the price up.

Bots are the root of the problem for gold inflation.

The price of crystal should of not reached korea’s that took 4 years to reach. It did because all the bots farmed so much gold which increased the total amount of gold created for everyone playing even if you didn’t buy any.

Fine dont wanna think dont, the price of blue crystal is a balance betwen people buying it with gold and people trading royal crystals, in Korea people put more money in the game than here thats why they had lower inflation, a few bots and the people who buy from them wouldnt cause this massive inflation on all servers, in SA we have almost no bots and the biggest inflation of all the servers, explain that to me.

Pheons are in game for a reason, kinda same as golden frog. Without Pheons will the economy looks totaly different and probably the cost of pheons will be added to item prices.

Reason why pheons are in game is to help inflation, so people have to spend gold on blue crystals, without this everyone will have milions of gold with current prices. Without pheons will market place go 3-10x in prices. Because people dont have options to spend their gold.

Pheon is there to create an unlimited global constant demand for BC. F2P can skip buying skins and cosmetic items, but will eventually hit the pheon wall and need to convert their gold to BC to buy pheon
That in turn will enable swipers to exchange their RC to gold
Yes, pheon is evil. But smart system indeed.

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Exactly. Which is why I said it ONLY works when blue crystal prices aren’t inflated because of bots.

4k gold for 95 crystal is ABSURD when accessories are 50k each themselves!

This does not help the economy at this point it hinders it and FAVORS WHALES

Amazon either has to remove pheons or do something and bring 95 crystals to costing no more than 1.5k gold, even this is high for our current patch ver. It took korea FOUR years to reach 2k gold per 95 crystal…we reached double in 9 months.

Exactly. Whales - the most important customers sponsoring YOUR game so you don’t have to pay your own bills.
Without them LA would be mandatory sub game.

I’ve given my fair share of money to lost ark lmao

I’ve technically bought the game over 10 times at a 60$ price point game.

I would love for it to be a sub game I would pay 20$ a month to remove all the p2w stuff lmao

I don’t play lost ark because it’s a free to play game. I don’t mind paying for things like costumes and holiday packages, but what I don’t like buying is 2 currencies to buy 1 item.

If you dont know what you’re talking about just be quiet, first off the reason pheons exist is to drive up the demand for blue crystalls so they sell more royal crystalls (its so they make more money), and second it doesnt help with inflation because the gold doesnt disappear, its tranfered to the whale who bought it with royal crystall so please save yourself the embarassment next time.

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“I like pheons, pheons dont bother me, in fact I think they’re great, now how can I convince everyone else?” I’m really sorry thats the best you could come up with.

I don’t like pheon system too, due to how hard it makes to gear alts,
but I understand why it was created.
What is wrong, in my opinion, is that for cheap items you will spend much more gold for pheons than for the item itself. The result is that often you can’t sell cheap items because when people spend pheons they prefer to spend them on valuable items. Also this system makes hard to set alternative builds, like for doing pvp, chaos dungeons, challenge content, exploring maps, etc.
My proposal should be to make the pheons cost proportional to the gold that we are going to spend for the item, with a max limit of 25 pheons for items that cost 10k gold or more. In this way if I need a cheap item for 100 gold, I should spend just 1 or 2 pheons.

I agree that there is a massive problem with inflation and it has to do with bots. This is number 1 priority that they need to get on to. Will they? I highly doubt it.


Pheon system ONLY works when THIS is balanced and not inflated.

There is no such thing is a working pheon system. It’s just designed to drain player’s gold and make us more incline to swipe. End of story.

Same here.

The thing about MMORGP is that the design is the most profitable of all game design. To further push their greed agenda, this game company has introduce the idea of pheons.

Had I known the game was like this prior to downloading it and installing it for the very first time, I would not have done so. In other words, I WOULD NOT recommend this game to new players looking for a new mmorpg to play.

Didnt I had a post betwen these two? Something along the lines of “people these days dont know anything and they dont wanna learn, they just say whatever it takes to push their agenda”. Are we deleting posts that we dont like now? @Roxx