Pheons need to be reduced

As a game that is heavily reliant on having alt characters, the lack of pheons are a major bottleneck to pushing alt characters at the moment. It’s getting painful to gear my alts properly to do content - yoho guardian raids are now 10minutes long with the influx of new, but under geared alts. (Don’t even want to think about trying to do legion raid under geared)

I’m not a huge fan of pheons. But I can tolerate some of it. 15 pheon for 1 legendary accessory is too excessive. Can we look at reducing this down to 5-10?

Consider that the pheon we get from the weekly event vendor is 9. Youd need to collect until September to get a reasonable amount to purchase a proper 3x3 (or 4x3 If your lucky and have some good drops) for ONE alt.

Please reconsider reducing the amount of pheons for accessories.


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See, as annoying as Pheons are, I do understand their purpose, but what you bring up is what I have always said.

If I need pheons to get it from the market, I can tolerate that, but it is when I need to pay Pheons to move things from one of MY characters to another one of MY characters that it becomes ridiculous. Like, they are both mine…


So true. The first time I moved something from one alt to another, I was like “wth, why are they asking me to pay pheons for this :rage:”. I was so confused lol.

Personally, I don’t mind the system, but I wish they would lower pheon costs for ability stones. They have am over-proportionally large effect on being able to build good characters.

And if you are as unlucky as I am, you end up giving up after 15 different buys. and of course, 15 fails​:sob::sob::sob:.

Therefore, in my opinion, they should cost no pheons at all.

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I agree, due to the inherent rng in ability stones, they should cost zero pheons.

Good point!

I agree with you here too, switching accessories between my own characters shouldn’t cost pheons.

needs to be removed, useless cashgrab system

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It allow to buy gold via item shop with not causing inflation it must stay or it will be completly disaster in less than month. I agree about remove pheons in ability stones cost, they should be removed its rng. 100 pheons is around 5-6k gold is not much, 24k for pheons to gear up 6 alts in legendary accesories is not much.

ahh yes like evey other mmo has this system to stop ‘‘gold inflation’’, stop lame excuses

Stop that, thats not true. That is a phrase that came from the creators of this game and keeps repeating itself by ear from every single person who agrees to a system like Pheons. There is already a system for that and is the trade limit; in this case if they really cared about gold inflation, they would lower the trade limit to 1 or 0 and that’s it.

Pheons are sh** and detrimental in a alt based game and they need to be removed (or if it is very expensive to pay someone to program to remove them, have them generated in a more friendly way); the sole purpose of its existence is just and only to generate profits.


No I did not say that. Read again

Thats true if u remove them, ppl who buy legit gold will crash game economy, prices will go up and for you who cry now even about 5-6k gold will be worse much worse. And yes of course this system is cashgrab for them, well designed you can sell game’s currency without increase inflation, it’s all about player’s money, but don’t be suprised nobody develop game for free so deal with it. You can buy it for gold no it’s not p2w, don’t be cheap and greedy just pay for bluecrystals by gold.

You are just plain and simply laughable

For me is funny when someone has problem to pay 5k pixel money xd

id understand pheons if u could trade finished abikity stones

For ability stones there should not be any pheon tax. Its RNG and u dont know how many you will need. If devs wanna keep amount of pheons need they can at least move pheon cost from ability stone to gems

i think they should remove pheon for stuff under a certain gold cost

if they dont want people flipping then make those items bound after trading

regardless pheon is like a 500-1000 gold tax on every trade

i want to experiment with wacky builds but i cant believe i have to optimize everything around the pheon cost

But before this patch even good legendary items 3/3 were for 100 gold… this situation is temporary, I made 5 alts quite a long time ago and tbh whole cost was 5-6k gold for pheons + 1,5k for accesories. So prices will drop a lot soon again how to deal with it ?