Pheons overhaul, NOT a rant

Anyone who knows why pheons are added (other than for business profits) will know the economy needs them.

However, the current pheon system is not satisfactory:

  1. Cost of pheons is not scaled to cost of the purchasable item, so even cheap relic accessories are not a viable purchase. Therefore, causing players to not gear their alts to a satisfactory level and relying on other players to carry. Resulting in much longer guardian raids and more busses for legion/abyss raids.

  2. An alt heavy game but it costs a fortune (in pheons) to transfer gear across to alts and the tradable limit being used up by one. That is 2.25k gold in pheon cost + the tradable limit used up by one. So unless you can sell the relic accessory for at least more than 3k gold, it is not worth to transfer them to alts. Leads to undergeard alts and the same consequences as in point 1.

  3. Ability stones rng is overkill with pheons cost. While you may not need 7/7 for alts, it still needs to be toned down. Same consequence as point 1.

  4. T2, T3 (rare, epic and legendary) gear and accessories should not cost any pheons. This is far too punishing for new payers when they find out their importance at end game but by that time had burnt through their supply of free pheons

  5. Can we not sell pheons in bundle of 100 please and add more ways to farm pheons with gold (with weekly limit) than giving out negligible amount in weekly event/login.

TL;DR : The pheon system is required, but should be scaled with the price of the item to be purchased. This should still discourage flipping to some extent if not to the same extent, add value to trades + gold sink. The current system leads to lower demand of less sought out accessories resulting in undergeared alts and a bad experience for other players and don’t forget buses. Furthermore, transfering gear to alts especially relic accessories should not cost 25 pheons and nor 9 pheon cost for relic ability stone due to its rng. Both need toning down. If this change is made, The AH will be booming with demand for all kinds of purchasable items resulting in more overall gold sink (from pheons used and 5% fee) as incentive will increase and therefore more purchases made. Better geared alts and much better player experience with raids/dungeons.

Please make suggestions so i can improvise. Thank you.


Honestly this sounds like the best compromise for a controversial system. AGS/SG should take a serious look at this. Well done OP.


They are not needed. Putting a trade limit on items is pretty much all you need. Pheons are just there to milk players.


For point 1., if you scale the pheons to the price, would it only work in the auction house?

What if you send a ring through mail or direct personal trade for 0 gold to a friend/guildmate? No pheons?

The solution is to make the pheon cost limit to 1 and increase with the price increase, so you need to spend 1 pheon to pass an object from you main to an alt but still spent the 25 for an high end accessory.

If we get some more way to get pheon consistently (if the price in pheon will be reduced even 5 pheon a week from event can make a difference, right now is kinda negligible), like OP said, that is not real cash (BC is real cash paid by another user) and the pheon tax is decreased the market and the player base will increase in efficency and will be better gear.

And I’m talking as a player who can easily buy pheons every week with the gold generation from main and alts (already geared by 4x3, more than enough for Valtan/Vykas).

Edit: @Sobs T1 accessories do not cost pheon

First sentence invalidates all the rest. Pheons are purely for dev profit nothing else.


is theres no pheon i gonna make all keen adrenaline stone cost 10k because … i can

Stones still have trade limit 1. Current price with pheons is well under 10k. What’s stopping you? You’d literally stop at 9k with pheons instead of 10k without.

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For AH, i was thinking of scaling pheons with the buyout price of the item. If there was no buyout, then an option in AH should be included of “expected buyout” before the listing is added.

For transfering gear and ability stones, they have 2 ways to tackle this, either decrease pheons required for transfering gear to alts because lets face it, that accessory was obtained through grinding with main etc, it shouldn’t have the same pheon value as something bought from AH. Same for ability stones, decrease pheon cost for AH and maybe make it 1 pheon for transfering due to its rng.

The other way is to just give us more pheons weekly from event.

Something needs changed for sure. I just geared a beginner 4x3 alt.

It only cost 8k+ in pheons for 2k worth of gear.

I could just get carried, but I also value my time and want to enjoy my character as I progress.

I play supports mostly and they suffer when I try to pug content. I don’t want to be that guy on my alts alts.

U think the gear you bought would be 2k if pheons didnt exist? Lol


Ofc not. Would be determined by supply and demand. Like every other MMO. Every other one.


The pheons exist for a reason

Once upon a time, when there were no pheons in KR, and as you can guess, people flipping items all over the place
Buy everything for 1k gold and sell the next day for 10k gold. Many players complained and got angry about this

To combat this, Smilegate made the accessories untradable and added an item to “seal” accessories - to make them tradable in the auction house
But since this sealing item had to be paid by the seller, only bis accessories would be registered, because why would you pay money to seal a bad roll accessory

So there were less and less items in the auction house, people could not properly build their characters because none of the sellers would pay a seal for non-bis items, because if it doesn’t get sold? Yeah you wasted money

Gold river said this is not what they intended, and moved the burden from the seller to the buyer

This is how pheons were created

Make the accessories tradable 3 times with a pheon tax - compared to before, a much better solution. The best? probably not, but KR tried many things and Pheons worked best

Edit: Also to the people who think without pheons the stuff would be cheaper, if you pay 1k for a ring + 2k for pheons, without pheons you would pay 3k or more for the same ring (if it doesn’t get flipped for 20k)

Edit2: Yes on top of making money for the company, as well as taking gold out of the economy (other options would be to increase honing gold cost, reduce chances for quality rolls etc)

Please don’t change the topic. I am the OP, you are answering to the post made by me. Let ignorant be ignorant. For those who know the value of pheons, all I ask is that is there a way to increase demand i.e. incentive to purchase non-bis items with the current pheon system and if pheon cost for transferring gear and relic stones can be reduced for overall better player experience with alts.

Yes, we need the pheon system and it exists to fulfill a purpose, but can it be improvised or is it perfect?

Let’s assume OP is right, pheons are here to protect us from the evil market flippers who would make all our purple accessories super expensive. Save us SG from this horror!! And they do, they give us pheons so that no one even bothers listing those accessories. Can’t be scammed then.

Anyway, if they are protecting us, then why aren’t pheons purchasable using gold? Oh you can trade your gold for BC and get them. Ofc that’s sinking BC (store credit) and turning revenue into profit. Oh wait…

I didnt answer your post because i disagree with it. Pheons are fine the way they are. Majority of complaints come from ppl trying to roll a 7/7 and wasting the 500 pheons they got for free since launch.

Ur tldr where you say booming in with demand doesnt help the supply issue at all. Pheons were added as they were in korea because ability stones went up to 10k per piece.

The system is fine, u just need to plan around it instead of buying random stones and accessories then wondering why youre out of pheons

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By tying them to BC the price auto adjusts for inflation.

Nah it’s a store credit sink pure and simple. Again defenders think of all kinds of reasons to support them. This is because the system was more designed by psychologists that economists. It’s an illusion that convinces players of pheons worth. Yes SG we need pheons let me sink $29.75 worth of store credit for each set of relic accessories. Think about that. Buying two sets of relic accessories, something many in this forum probably have done (at least), is the price of a triple A game. Please.

Also you can buy them directly in the store by converting RC to BC. This is completely outside the gold system and has no impact or relation to gold inflation.

If you disagree with a reason, that is also considered as an answer but you would rather be sarcastic to other forum users on an out of topic subject. Alas, pheons are perfectly implemented, why wouldn’t they? It is not like AGS/Smilegate are capable of anything short of perfection.

Sounds like youre being sarcastic now :slight_smile: but i do believe the current system is fine. If you wasted the 500 free pheons youve gotten so far, thats on the player. Not to mention, pheons are very affordable with the amount of gold we make now