Pheons ruin the MMO experience!

I understand why pheons are in the game but feel like they are ruining a vital part of this MMO, you are unable to test builds due to the lack of pheons provided and unable to earn them in game through grinding. Considering this game is made to essentially make you have Alts and the cost to buy jewellery, birthstones etc throughout the levelling process and once at 1370 is so expensive I recon the should either lower the Phoen cost to purchase, give us a way of obtaining some pheons other that a log in reward (30 a month).

If the chances of dropping accessories and birthstones that you require was easier it wouldn’t be so bad but there are soo many combinations it nearly impossible that you drop the correct stats and engravings you require for builds, and 5 pheons for a tier 3 birthstone (pre cut) is a joke when you get a 4% chance in cutting 6/6 people waste 100s of pheons on things they need to dismantle!

What are your thoughts? I think this needs to change it will improve the gamer experience and they already get enough money out of the game via skins and other avenues.


You shall not gear until 1370+

And when it is time to gear, we will tax you for it.


you can test different engravings/stat combinations in the trixion.

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Exactly I’ve never played a MMO where you essential can’t gear until later end game and the only way to gear is to take a big tax on the rarest currency in the game (unless you purchase with money) even if they improved the RNG chances for accessory drops. Have content that only drop half the combinations of engravings or content which only drop stat specific gear so your only praying on RNJesus for the engraving combinations :frowning:


My thoughts are adjust the system in place. There are many things they can do like:
Either handout more pheon or give us a weekly quest that would allow us to get maybe 3 accessories and a couple stone rolls per week.

I think if the system is in place for price stability and preventing market manipulation then the cost should be increasing. Like maybe each roster gets 3 accessories and 2 shots at a stone before paying current pheon prices. Anything after that increases drastically after each use and resets weekly (kind of like endless chaos). People with stockpiles of gold will still be able to get more accessories and rolls than a F2P, but a new player or someone transferring servers can work on gearing their main and alts without feeling like they are stuck waiting for events or grinding gold just to have semi decent gear.

It would be nice if things were made so that it wouldn’t feel like a waste to buy <1370 accessories for alts. Especially if you anticipate not being able to push them for awhile

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I like to test in dungeon and raid scenarios but thanks for the tip :ok_hand:

This is not an MMO it s a mobile game.


Isn’t that what Mobile Multiplayer Online stands for?

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A mobile like solo player experience with advanced co-op mechanics.

There’s no reason purple items cost 9 pheons currently. That’s broken no matter how you look at it

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Work energy/dispatch/auto combat dailies (chaos dung,boss rush,cube). RNG gear progression (enchanting-honing) Energy for crafting??? Timegated unlockables for skill points??? SKILL POINTS. Pay to skip chores (anything apart from boss fights / pvp is a chore) Incoming loot boxes for the cool skins? (not confirmed). I really can keep on going but we all know this is a mobile game. You can t even make a group for chaos gates not that you need a group for anything apart from legion raids , 10-30 min fights btw that people will pay for a bus. So there is no actual reason to play this game apart from 1-2 fights here and there.

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Agreed nothing should cost pheons until legendary, when you can only obtain 30 pheons in a month. It’s not even like I’m just F2P I have spent some money on the game but few I’m spending money just to dismantle failed facet attempts and buy jewellery as I can’t get the right combination of stats or engravings to drop

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Lost ark is an expensive game. If you want to enjoy it fully you need to be prepared to pay a lot.
There are great packs in the shop that give you 2600 blue gems for 5000 royals. You can buy one pack to gear 1-2 chars. Otherwise you can grind and buy blue gems with ingame gold.

Are you on team 1234 or 3x. Asking for a friend

The only problem I’m have with the pheon system is that ability stones cost pheons. Once you buy them you can trade them back, that defeats the point of the pheons in the first place. It’s especially bad when those stones can easily becomes useless within 15 seconds of buying it because of rng. There is absolutely no reason for stones to cost pheons, everything else I’m fine with.

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There is a reason. It s called money. Why people cant see those small inconveniences are planted all over the place to make you impatient and more willing to swipe to skip those mechanics. Our dear friends bots make it a bit easier for us right now but at the end of the day this was the intented way for this game to make money.


It takes 75 peons to buy legendary jewelry, so with 850 crystal you got yourself a full build on your 1370 alt, which you dont even need when all you need is +6+6 stone?

I htink this is another troll post tbh, ‘‘i cant test my gear’’ thats exactly what trixion is there for?

mate are you trolling lol?

Its not just about testing, but enjoying different playstyles.

Not denying that. They could adjust the system and potentially make more money while still addressing some of the current complaints

If you want to enjoy it just pay for it then dude. 5000 rc for 2600 blue gems there you go problem solved you enjoy f2p game makes money deal next.

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