Pheons to send my alts gear, Seriously?

Why is this a thing? This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of in any mmo ever. Pheons to buy stuff off the market, I mean ya I think that’s really stupid also…but whatever yanno. But pheons to send my own alts gear that I collected myself?
So now here you have people making posts, about how people are lazy because they go into a abyss dungeon and their engravings are garbage. But guess what? That’s the only place to get 1370 legendary accessories. The normal mode abyss dungeons for punika, don’t give class specific accessories for some silly reason, just a bunch of random junk. And the 1370 chaos dungeon doesn’t give 1370 accessories either. So you either have to buy them from the market, or get them from hard abyss dungeons, or hope you get good rng which will never happen obviously.
Personally I spent all my pheons buying accessories for my first 3 characters, and I am not gonna buy more of a currency that honestly shouldn’t even exist, to buy more. I was shocked when I realized I couldn’t even gather some accessories for my alts on other chars so they didn’t have a rough time in their abyss dungeons, cause you also want me to umm, buy my own stuff.
You have also created toxicity in your own game by doing this. Look at all the posts on the forums calling people lazy and criticizing people and literally posting screen shots of people for having garbage engravings in their abyss dungeons, a problem that you yourself have created. Please look into this and see it’s a terrible design, at the very least, don’t charge me for sending myself items that I collected myself. That’s ridiculous.
I have already spent 500$ or so on skins and founders packs etc…I’m not spending money for a currency that shouldn’t even exist <3


Pheons are a nuisance, but yeah, can understand, if you send item via mail, will be hard for the game to know if it is really your alt or not.

They should just make the accessories and stones rooster bound, so you can freely transfer them via rooster storage to whatever alt you need.

I salvaged hundred of good things that i could have used on my alts, but yeah.

What do you mean? Game doesn’t know what characters I have in my roster? This is big.

Ofc not. The mail system is not connected to your account’s rooster. Is connected via character id

You send an mail from the character id 13923 “super007” to character id 38144 “bigboomdmg1”.

Is not made to know what is in your rooster or not.

Ps: im not saying that the game dosnt know what characters are in your rooster. Im saying that the mail system wasnt built to recognize that.

And how do you know how it is made? Besides, it doesn’t matter, because if they wanted to, they could easily check if 38144 “bigboomdmg1” is in your roster, because game knows what is in your roster. Otherwise you wouldn’t have your characters in selection screen.

Because its standard basic things to do in every kind of game that connects 2 things.

You get an item from x, to y.

X and y have their on id.

Trading, mailing, or whatever thing that transfers data between 2 diff players

And yeah, they could, but they wont, because it will require further development, which is very hard to convince a company to “fix something that already works”

it punishes players for playing multiple different classes opposed to having multiple alts of the same class as one set of accessories could feed the whole roster thats why its a thing

reply to the whole post btw, not that post i actually replied to my bad

I can guarantee you this is not how it works and even if it was, it would be ridiculously easy to check if id 1 and id 2 has the same owner.

Yup, it would be, but they wont. More revenue by spending money on pheons.

You are naïve if you think that this is the reason. It serves the same purpose as pheons on untredable (once bought) things like Ability Stones and gear that has 1 trade left, as well as no option to buy something without pheons and make it bound - constant revenue stream for AGS/SG that requires literally 0 effort in terms of upkeep.

Pretty sure that most players wouldn’t give a damn that someone decided to make 15 Strikers and has to move his gear between each of them when he switches. At least I wouldn’t.

My only resoning for the existence of the pheons, other than extra revenue, would be that it helps to keep the prices of things in check. For example if now a cursed doll + grudge necklace would go for 10k gold + 25 pheons, if they removed the pheons, the necklace would be a lot more expnsive because more people will be able to buy it, hence the demand for it will rise high while supply will stay very low.

no the reason is literally because they want people to gear the alts individually and not feed a whole roster with one set of accessories, the pheons in general are in place not as a direct revenue stream but to guarantee that people who buy royal crystals and want to exchange for gold have customers that purchase their listings to exchange for blue crystals

its not about what we want or think is good, i just told you the reason for why this is in place

Cost of 25 pheons (in terms of gold) isn’t really that much of a burden if item is already priced at 10k. You are talking about BiS accessories, because mostly those are the only thing worth selling as not many people are willing to pay 300g for something that has hidden tax of 2k.
If you remove pheons then you will have additional supply of less than ideal but still workable accessories and gems; certainly better than 331 setup that a lot of people are running with on 1370 alts.
I could also just send good stones to my alts instead of dismantling them, because I certainly won’t be wasting my time listing stuff for less than 50g and not many stones go above that, even if they are pretty good (BiS even for some classes). This will decrease demand.

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Like I said, I doubt many players would mind if someone decided to run 15 Strikers cause it is cheaper for him. He would also create good supply of gear for others to buy, hence alleviating issue pointed out by UsernameNotFound. I also doubt that many people would go for it as it is just boring.

AGS/SG can make other ways for people to exchange their RC to gold, like for example make more skins that can be sold for gold, or if available for blue crystals they would make those worth more gold, so doesn’t matter what option they choose for that. They could also just let people buy gold for RC in the shop.


I see nothing wrong with being able to send alts average gear without pheon costs. It would be awesome to be able to move uncut ability stones freely between alts.

Yea I would like that too.

How would it be hard to know if it’s an alt or not? A line of code could tell if the character is in your roster. SMH.

probably, but you know " why fix something if it works " :monkey:

(I want to apologize in advance if someone already told you this but, you are wrong)

The game/mail system does know if you send the mail to yourself or someone else. Try sending gold to a character on your own roster and the game won’t let you because “you are trying to send/request gold to a character in your own roster”

Anyways, I agree with you that they should make accessories and ability stones roster bounded and tradable at the same time (like tradable engraving books for example)

Sadly this may never be implemented cus they are too greedy, they rather lock transferring gear behind a paywall than let us freely transfer the gear… smh