Pheons will be your downfall and possibly Lost Ark killer in NA

you want constructive criticism and feedback? pheons are an outrage and an exploit.

noone is willing to pay thousands of gold in pheons only to fail on ability stones and not make the 4x3. but we do it b/c we have no choice (like in southpark, keep rubbing your nipples i suppose). I wonder how many people already quit this game b/c of pheons? So the greedy pheon currency in the long run will drop your player base, thus less money for you overall. I mean seriously: how many pheon hate posts do you need to get the point? maybe go to reddit and see a few dozen more

yep, dozens of ability stones (i really feel sorry and angry about people having to spend 3-5k per stone… just to buy the thing, then fail 4 times at 75%), couple alts later; most expensive thing to gear alts: more pheons. The amount needed to buy ANYTHING is just stupid… not ridiculous, just stupid and borderline offensive. Want to gear an alt? oh, that’ll be 30-130k PER item, plus 8k in currency swap so i can buy the pheons package. Fail a couple of abistupility stones, better make that another 8k gold converting crystals to pheons because 75% chance means 50/50 apparently, at best. I thought Diablo Immortal was bad with their pay to win, but hey, at least that’s not so heavily alt-dependent like Lost Ark. You want to advance at a decent pace? Go make 5 alts… then spend a year farming gold just to roll a couple stupidity stones. Want to run something on alts that are missing like 1 or 2 points to make a 4x3? nope, never get accepted b/c of lack of 1 engraving. I’d rather sit on a pineapple than play this alt character, who’s missing 1 mark to complete the lvl3 engraving: 3x3 +14, every time i look at her engravings it feels like a kick in the groin… after spending THOUSANDS of gold only on pheons. Keep asking for feedback, keep reading hate posts about pheons, but dont do anything about it and keep irritating people with this money-grubbing currency. At least you’re making real life money while players pull their teeth out trying to gear the mandatory alt army to a decent/acceptable 4x3 build. Wanna buy books for shadowhunters? yeah, spend 100k just for hit master books. Wanna buy legendary accessories? not even relic, just legendary crap goes for 10-20k a piece. Literal crap: 2-3-3 legendaries priced at 10k+… so now you’re forcing me to buy more pheons, farm more gold. where’s the nearest gold seller? i’ve never supported gold buyers, but jesus christ the pheons will push any lost arker to desperation. hundreds of pheons gone. for what? dozens of splendid powder of getstiffedence. great.thanks?. Let me just farm another 2 weeks on 5 alts ONLY to buy pheons, while my main’s been sittin at 1475 for over a month now. just cant afford to gear alts AND hone AND work on my main… nah, forget the main at this point. that’s about as stupid as it gets.
So korea and russia been working with pheons and their opinion usually is: we just deal with it. How do you deal with getting exploited by money hungry companies? hence all these forum posts about having that currency removed. Keep your sexy bikini outfits, just get rid of this greedy currency.
The worst part about pheons imo: having to pay pheons if you want to transfer stuff to your alts. Hey i got this good/decent accessory i could use on my alt, but i dont wanna pay 25 pheons just to send something to myself that i already own. You’re double and triple dippin with pheon costs and that’s just exploitation on your behalf. Having to pay for something i already own? get real. So close this thread, ban the account for ranting, i dont really care at this point anymore, at least then i can find something else to grind and throw my money at… BUT AT LEAST I WOULDN’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH PHEONS ANYMORE!!!

I challenge ANYONE to come here and tell me otherwise… please tell me how you’re ok with pheons; how you love having to spend 8-10k gold only to buy the pheons package. Please tell me you 1 shot your first ability stone as a 9-9-0. Please tell me how lucky you are and dont care about the thousands of people failing their stupidity stones. Then i’ll direct you to go read all the other posts, on numerous forums about how much pheons are just despised and killing the fun


For relic stuff I think they’re OK, its a little extra.

However, for tier1 and tier2 stuff, and even early t3 like 1370ish… I rather go with 2 engravings self found in yohoo than paying for bad accesories I will replace later.

I think pheons are a problem and one of the reasons (not the only) why there is so many ungeared guys around 1370-1380.


if we could put accessories and stone in roster storage i would have no problem with pheons. but imagine having 6+ alts that are dps. the pheon cost to gear them up is just insane.


Imagine thinking ability stones / accessories would cost the same amount of gold if pheons were removed

Imagine playing an mmo and complaining about not having everything instantly


As long as the downfall is affecting only NA, I am fine with it.


when my berzerker hit 1415, it cost me about 60k to gear him out with relic accessories… 9k just for pheons

“Imagine playing an mmo and complaining about not having everything instantly”

imagine about actually reading before talking crap: you really think i wrote this book because i failed one ability stone? HAH

logged over 2000hrs since NA release. main at 1475, 3x 1415, 1x 1402 (another 1415 valtan farmer soon)… you really think i’m just asking for handouts?


i have post about this as well, Pheon system is just moneymaker stupid thing. But they don’t see that because of these dumb systems People quit Lost ark and their income is decreasing. They need better Economics manager.


How is it a bad thing to have to pay 60k for a 1415 Alt, where you dont have to change anything gearwise for the next months/years. You make 60k in a week or 2 at max. For Mmo pace that is a pretty good timing. Who cares if you payed 9k for pheons? They are part of the equibment buying process.

60k in a week? we are playing different games my guy.

When u gear ur main at 1415, it should pretty much carry u to breshelza if u planned it through - so thats really nothing

You also dont need a 7/7 stone for 5x3, use a calculator if you cant figure it out

Its hard to read what you wrote because youre complaining about the gold cost, but if pheons were removed heres what would happen:

  1. at the existing prices, ppl would buy out the market
  2. this means demand increased
  3. since supply wouldnt increase on your meta stones, this would increase the market prices on the newly listed stones
  4. you would end up paying more gold than you are now in total for like an awakening/expert stone
  5. you would come back on the forums again to complain it costs too much to buy these stones even without pheons
  6. you would get told to get gud

In fact, pheons help reduce ur cost. You get like 50 free pheons every month. U can use these free pheons as a ticket to reduce the amount of gold u pay for accessories/stones. Its very easy to get a 5x3 if u invest in legendary engravings (and dont need a 7/7 stone) - which is part of playing an mmo in the long term. Legendary engravings are expensive because if u plan it through they can help ur whole roster. A 6k book is only 1k per character if u have 6

Also if u played 2000 hours and dont have legendary engravings… lol

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if they remove pheons for the stones for example, the price would amp up, b/c ppl could endlessly try to get something like a 9/9/1 or whatever
i hate them myself, but if you take a second look they sadly make sense


actually no. do you want to know why? if we consider the pheon cost per 9 units, would be 800 gold*9, which is the cost to buy 100 crystals atm in my server.
considering most ppl already got their stone almost settled. so if there is too much for too little looking for it the price will not skyrocket, for the stones with little to no supply with high demand, that would actually help the economy get back to its track.
If they will not actually remove pheons, at least reduce the fkn cost.
mainly remove pheon cost for rooster transfers, relics should be at max 10 pheons cost, leg 5… this for the acc.
in terms of stones, should be 5 for relics and 2 for legendary. if they do at least this, ppl wouldnt complain that much… even tho I still prefer pheons gone !

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just as an example: Legendary Hit master books on mari are about 5k ea. 20 books x 5000
i guess you’re right, it’s probably cheaper than rolling stones, you’re right, my bad

make about 30-40k a week, put it all into honing and gearing alts with accessories. not much left for my main. Keep laughing though, you’re probably an RMT and bragging how fast you’ve advanced, lol
there always has to be that 1 karen type, going against the majority. This is my first post ever, on this matter or any. I agree with people who have posted on numerous occasion on multiple outlets. You have your opinion, and i have mine. To me it sounds like you like being taken advantage of and exploited. I’m not the one to shame your kink… you do you, buddy

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Huge wall of text I got dizzy trying to read it so I just skip it Pheons are doing what it’s supposed to it’s a resource sink and AGS are getting profit out of it so I doubt they will take it out.

the problem is pheon costs don’t scale to the cost of what you’re buying

no one can buy “shit engravings” to gradually gear their characters because the main cost of shitty gear is in the pheons that you pay regardless of whether you buy something good or bad

furthermore in order to even get these pheons you have to invest a shitload of gold upfront because they’re sold in stacks of 100

shit gear should cost a shit amount of pheons, good gear should cost full price. and you should be able to buy pheons in smaller quantities


Maybe you should understand why Smilegate added Pheons into the game at all before crying a river. West isn’t even at the point in the game where Peons where added as a countermeasure. But I’d guess you’d prefer buying ability stones for 10-20k each rather than buying Pheons.

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Yes everyone that has legendary engraving books has RMT’d lol

Pheons don’t sink any in game resource, only BC (store credit = $$). If you trade gold for BC, the gold is transferred from player to player in its entirety. SG/AGS profit is the only reason for their existence.


We just had a huge vent in our guild.
100 peons cost 850 BC? I mean wtf. The ratio is just absurd. That’s almost two month membership, but it hardly covers just “the fees” of accessories/stones.

To make matters worse, it’s scaling with gold price. Seriously? We’re gamers not some business men. We’re here to play games, but instead, we have to analyze and figure out the gold price, so we don’t get f over by the market the next day.

This system right now is forcing players to pay for AGS’ lacking abilities to push away bots.

The game itself encourages players to have and play alts, but the peon system completely destroys it. Why do orehall and yoho, and even deskulada get complained so much? Oh, because it’s just too fricking expensive to invest acc/stone into alts, and we’re playing with a bunch of characters that have only 1 or even no engravings.

The most hilarious thing is that “the fee” is so much more expensive than the actual stuff we buy.

All and all, I’d just wish peon can have a reasonable fixed price.


Tell me your secret of earning that much gold per week or 2 at max when you have 2-4 hours per day to play I would like to earn that much also