Pheons will completely break the playerbase

And before any defender jump into the action, if they want to reduce the botting, whaling and stuff, just add pheons to daily/weekly quests and remove them from F4.

As it stands right now, its nothing more than a cash grab mechanic.


Eh doesnt seem too bad to me, it prevents players from buying and selling (flipping) thousands of auctions like people do in WoW


i dont have a problem with pheons being out there, i have a problem with it being just a p2w.
let them be earned throught daily/weekly quests and remove it from the F4.
But its probably enourmous $ inflow for amazon, and wait till people hit T3, the playerbase will drop like a rock.


What are Pheons even used for? How do you use them? Ive gotten them through the login rewards but I have no clue what theyre for.

pheons need to be removed from our version. like, yesterday.


this means, you are not in t2/t3 yet or didnt notice.
its another currency used to buy T2/T3 items from the market, beside the gold.
So, lets say, if you want to buy a ring, you need to pay gold and a pheon. And pheons are obtainable with blue crystals = $, or gold → blue crystals, and ratio is going up only.
its not gonna end well in EU/NA


Why Will It break playerbase? It Will only prevent players from playing on AH too much snipping auctions. Those arenjot even 5% of players

you dont even need them though… it is only for stuff you can farm yourself

oh, yeah, lets wait till you get to t3 stones and the combination you want, thats gonna be real fun


fair enough, then lets just move pheons to daily/weekly quests and all will be gucci

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i’m in no rush, in fact im so not in a rush i’ve been pawning all my t2 mats instead of wasting them on fails

mats? im talking about the stones you need to facet in order to use them, those dont need any mats

oh… no no i keep those and turn them into 4 and 5’s, mainly 4’s the 2 biggies i spent 2.5 million refaceting as 5’s demonic cd and demonic damage

Why? If they give 50 a month on login rewards IS most than enough for most players

for 1 relic stone you need 9 pheons, for bracelet you need 35 pheons
its not gonna end well

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It’s your problem if you buy crap and need to change it so often that you are running out of pheons. Besides, in T3 it is no problem to farm gold, so you can easily buy pheons.

And bracelets arent even in our version yet. If you buy a bracelet then once a day, well, sorry, you cant be helped.

blue crystals will cost thousand of gold then

What does Pheons do again?

Pheons are a pain in the *** . Trying to equip my character with better getter after 1370, costs like 15 pheons per accesory, and it took me like 20 stones to get a proper 6 6 stone. So thats what ? 100 pheons already, add the accesorios, 175. Oh and also im playing a place holder class, cuase my main , Reaper, is not in the game. By the time reaper comes out, relic accesorioes will be in game, those cost 25 EACH, so yeah, thats at least 125 on accesories, and then relic stones are 9 each, and who knows how many i’ll need then to get a good stone.

Oh and I’m not even gonna start on getting good accesories for my alts lol, thats even more pheons.

Useless system that only screws normal players.


Not that I like pheons but it is more a problem from the players attitude of wanting to buy from marked to get “perfect engravings” or the exact ones you want with the exact values.

This system is made to be random, we should be bit more adaptive with whatever drops we try and make the best of.

People inspecting others and being critical of the engravings forget the damn things are based on random chance.