Pheons y la mega inflación en SA servers

Todos sabemos que para poder armar un personaje y regularizar el mercado es necesaria la compra de Pheons, ¿pero que pasa cuando los Pheons se ven afectados por la inflacion del cambio de oro a cristales azules e intentas comprar Piedras de Habilidad que dependen únicamente del RNG?

ES MUY FRUSTRANTE tener que gastar mas de 20k de oro en tan solo 100 Pehons, y fallar en todas las piedras, mientras que estas piedras reliquia t3 no cuesten ni 100g!!
con este oro, sin la inflación de los cristales azules se podría armar decentemente a 2 personajes!!!. Literalmente 95 cristales azules cuesta 2.5k, y en aumento!!

Deberían revisar los precios de los materiales esenciales de la tienda, y ponerlos acorde a la subida de precio descomunal que esta ocurriendo en los servidores de SA.


We all know that in order to build a character and regularize the market it is necessary to buy Pheons, but what happens when Pheons are affected by inflation of the exchange from gold to blue crystals and you try to buy ability Stones that depend exclusively RNG??

IT IS VERY FRUSTRING to have to spend more than 20k gold on only 100 Pehons, and fail on all the stones, while these t3 relic stones don’t even cost 100g!!
With this gold, without the inflation of the blue crystals, 2 characters could be decently geared!!!. Literally 95 blue crystals cost 2.5k, and going up!!

Amazon should review the prices of the essential materials of the store, and put them according to the huge price increase that is happening on the SA servers.


Sorry bro, I didn’t understand what you said, but looking at the picture I totally understand your frustrations.

We’ll see when Amazon starts caring about SA regional pricing.

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Lol, ty bud. now is in english too

this is literrally x2 euc lol
good luck hermano

I give them 75 days to change something, in the precise moment I lost my crystaline aura the game will die for me, i don’t understand how people can play without that, i understand not paying that insane amount of gold but i prefer quit the game to being playing only to pay aura and some pheons.

estoy de acuerdo contigo. mucha gente esta dejado de jugar por eso. es dificil seguir asi para personas que juegan 4-5 h max. hay que tener un limited para todos los items y los precios como hicieron en BDO para que los manipuladores de mercado no jodan todo el juego a los demas. los numero de utente bajan y seguiran bajando hasta que seguira esta inflacion en el exchange

You hit the nail on the head… this game has literally become a game for “whales”. If you want to be competitive and have well-equipped characters, which is essential to be able to enjoy the essence of this game, you’ll have to checkout yes or yes or play 12 hours a day, something that hardly anyone can do these days having a job. …
In short, a great game idea, but its economy is being focused more and more in favor of the “whales” who are the only ones who can afford to buy mountains of gems with real money and thus save tons of hours of play. …
it’s a shame