Phone verification or captcha BUT DO SOMETHING NOW

Bruh pls you don’t have to make science to make it work. They don’t have this problem on KR because it is tied to SSN. AGS needs to implement measures NOW to handle this situation.


Yea I’d want that phone authentication as Steam also have that in place already. In Dota 2 and CS:GO you need that to play rank games properly, I guess for Lost ark they can implement that as well.

I like the idea of phone verification. Also, Perhaps Amazon could make a few servers only accessible for those folks with linked Amazon prime accounts?

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This they had needed to do from the start, it give people who don’t have this, because sometimes only 1 from 2/3/4 etc. in the same household has it.

Edit: Amazon Prime

They can still do it. Give a free one time transfer to verified linked Amazon prime account. Have one such server per region.

Phone verification? Yes.
ID identificatiin? Illegal in many EU countries :slight_smile: