Picked wrong class for hyper express

Can I change class I choose for hyper express? I haven’t completed yet or even started it can I change?


yes, in the Hyper Express event you can change characters if you have not honed yet. Keep in mind that the rewards will not be repeated.

You can change who the character that is associated with the hyper express once provided you havent claimed any rewards or honed on it.

However you will STILL need that “class” at the appropriate level to be eligible. You cannot change the class of a character that has already been created. (IE like you created a shadowhunter and punika passed it and ment to create a deathblade, you cannot change that.

Thanks, can I also do hyper express on another server or just one? My friend plays on different server then me.

I don’t know if you can this. But you can play with your friend on another server, if you do Dungeons, Raids and guardians.