Picked wrong mount color any way to change color?


I thought we could use CTRL+Mouse to do a preview of the different mount colors in game.
I wasn’t sure if I wanted black, white or blue. Sadly I chose the blue mount chest and now I’m not able to change/ or get back to the other colors.

Is it possible to change the mount color?

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I’m sorry to hear that you have chosen the wrong color for the mount.

May I ask what is the name of the mount?

Thanks in advance fort the reply!

Cerebrus mount from the platinum pack. I would like to change to the white colored one.

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Unfortunately in the case of the Cerberus mount once that you have picked the color a change to other one is not possible, sorry for the inconveniences this can cause!

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This seems to be a problem many players have had including myself. We donate 100$ to support the game and we cant get a dev to fix some of the mistakes your suppirting players made? Oof


Ive also made the same mistake, thought the one I choosed was black but turned out grey when I summoned it. :frowning: pls make a sort of customer request/service at least so we can request a one time change or somethinf!

The best would be to have an ingame preview before picking one

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