Pictures of All Noble Banquet Skins, Weapons, & Other Rewards

Nobel Banquet outfits are gender-specific, not class-specific.

Warrior Weapons

Martial Artist Weapons

Gunner Weapons

Assassin Weapons

Mage Weapons (Sorceress one is new for NA/EU, so I took a screenshot)

Tiger Mount Reward

Vertus Pet Reward

Noble Banquet Wallpaper

Share in-game screenshots of these if ya got em.
Enjoy :smile:


I like the black tux, but why the shoulders on it? :frowning:

I have never seen such ugly skins in an mmo.

I actually really like it, kind of upset I can’t transfer it between my many bards :frowning:


Skins should be account-wide tbh once bound…


Agreed, the least they could do is make it so I can move it to other bards

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not gonna spend any money on this trash.

but they won’t do that cause they want you to pay money if you want that skin on every class you have. $$$$$

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Or, alternatively, people won’t bother with them at all.

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i’m really so tilted at these weird decisions. that’s the same skin we had in the Beta Shop… like dude please just release more skins already. they should take the feedback and work around it not ignore it and release more crappy looking shit. i don’t want a SUIT for my classes… i’m not going into a freaking wedding…

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I mean by that logic you aren’t going swimming either so say goodbye to any bikinis


I like the skin on warrior class. Looks dapper!

But the weapons are all kinda meh.

Tiger mount want…

Wallpaper want…

Don’t care about ugly pet…

Don’t want to give any money to these devs…


Buy or not buy… decisions decisions…

there’s a beach tho… there’s a bikini island but there’s no such thing as weddings.

Then you meet with many important people where formal attire would usually be recommended to wear when meeting them. Suits aren’t just for weddings.

yeah for special occasions of course. but i mean like… it’s about time we get something that isn’t a full bodysuit. we need something less boring than that. :neutral_face:

But there are chaos gates.

Petranian knights skin where kekw

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ok now i want that too…

Ngl, I like this set and really dont care if it was in the beta. I love formal clothes irl and in games, all my gaming budgent went to Riot games on Debonair skin line.

but that awful brown shoulder piece :cry:

On the overly positive side, the pants look good enough to be usable along different skins lines.

Not petrania lmao

i thought of mixing the top piece with omen pants honestly… wonder how it’ll look. on assassin that is.

Sad life Omen is not dyeable, isn’t it? So I’d probably dye black the first white top along the Omen bots can result on an interesting combination. Maybe checking over patterns. Gold might be a good choice.

I find the V cut in the females not just sexy but also very elegant. Of course is not the sexy most players will want but is a different type that can still give good results

The careful thing is which char will I want to use the dyeable option ugh