Pictures of All Noble Banquet Skins, Weapons, & Other Rewards

yeah i’m going to get the one from the Super Duper Premium. and pick the white one and dye it black to fit with omen pants. that would be great till we get bikinis!

Im still debating which one.

Warrior class with a plaid stamp and different color would look super casual and the combination with the vest is not insane at all as I’ve seen it irl.

but that shoulder piece

hahaha i love your focus on the shoulder piece specifically and how you dislike it :joy:

I mean, check the middle skin for warriors.

Then imagine there is no shoulder piece… it would look very clean :cry: more than the jacket styles

actually true. that looks horrendous and unfitting lmao

Long jacket looks similar to Alar from gunner class. Right one looks very nice too however my only distaste is the part that would be the tie.

Was it a regular one or a bow tie and I’d go with it right away.

And the middle the half shoulder piece just looks bad. Hell, I would even display the top hat no issues lol

we need an option to hide specific part of an outfit honestly. ez solution!

I like everything about the skins (well, for the females, not the shoulder pads, lol) and the mount and the pet… I think I might drop some cash for them.

Options… makes me do hopeful noises but so far character creation customization per se is super limited and same can be said by our skin options

unfortunately very limited… i’m still waiting for new hairstyles and new skins personally.

Shall quote to say they are making them all dyeable :smiley:

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I eagerly await next month when the other one shows up.

That said, I really want that bloody hat on the female black one. There’s no non-hood options for head slot on Assassin I like as is.

hopefully they release actual good skins next month.

At this rate it’ll be 2024 before we get legendary avatars

This assumes we get them at all.

Clearly, someone(s) in management do not want to make money on cosmetics sales.

Wait, is this foreal?? I don’t believe it. That doesn’t sound like AGS…

This is monthly copium xD

They seem to have gone and done it. Which is improvement, and improvement is worth celebrating… a little.

I’m pretty sure that was done in this morning’s hotfix, wasn’t it?

So typical. Don’t play with their game then.

Are you trying to gatekeep a free game? :joy:
What a noble cause. Please keep giving your money to them for me, thanks! :open_hands: