Pikachu Party finder consumable order?

Kunga party finder was FPPC

Kal Eligos it’s recommended every player bring whirlwind and destruction bomb

So who is going to flare and phero?

The support bring phero and number 1 flare?

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What will be the abbreviation for this



1 F&P 2-4 WW&D?

It’s not as clean as FPPC :pensive:

Maybe just 1 FP and 2-3 WD, there’s only 1 bomb that starts with w and that’s whirlwind

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50% of the time you’ll get 3 Flares in a row …

The way KR seems to do it in MM is that nr1 calls out that they’re 1 typing “페페” (short form of “페로몬”(pheromone) basically calling “phero” twice) in chat and the rest just know they’re 2-4 and do their thing.

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