Ping in Oceana to NA is worse than to korea

Playing the gunslinger and deadeye will be extremely hard with high ping as weapon switching is tied to ping.

It will be hard for new players from a high ping country to dodge some boss attacks
What I want to know:

Can weapon swapping be client side?

Is there an option to have a dedicated server in oce that sends information to the NA west server, I don’t think we here in oce care about ghosting, as long as it can be smooth.

I personally don’t think the answer is an oceana server because it will probably get shut down anyway.


Yep and impossible to play PvP, just gets worse as you lvl close to around 30-50.

im OCE playing on NA and i dont seem to get any real ping problems even in pvp

Playing from Melbourne with ExitLag on US West and I’m getting 110-130 MS which is fine tbh. I have a 200Mbps connection.

how do you get 110ms using ExitLag? gives me 156-176ms at best from Melbourne

I don’t know mate, its just what I get. but that’s morning only. as from 11 am onwards its back to 150-160

150-175 maximum would be ideal for Aus.
I tried using a vpn but i get around 188-500ms
I get 200ms normally

Another option would be to have an OCE channel, but that could be too hard to implement :dizzy_face:
Maybe starlink will come here and end the internet dictatorship here
I’ve heard good things about starlink and ping could be around 60-100 to america. Patience I suppose :frowning:

I tried exitlag from Canberra (after reading this post) and while the route options suggested I’d see a latency of about 164-172 my actuals went from about 200-210 up to 219-234ms.

The rubberbanding in dungeons was about twice as bad.
Being clipped by ‘avoid’ mechanics that I was outside of and stationary prior to the hit were also worse with exit lag.

I also found myself rubberbanding in the open world using existlag which hadn’t happened prior to installing it.

With or Without exitlag - playing across the pacific to West Cost servers you expect a bit of lag and I do.

My only concern is that if servers will not be in the region then the client/server needs to be better able to account for high latency connections. If I use a skill but rubberband, either the skill activates or it doesn’t, but putting it on CD and not activating it is pretty shit.