Ping Spiking Constantly

Ping spiking to 300ms, 500ms and even 1000ms, when it should be at 140~170ms.


I’m from South America and i play on NA-East since launch for some reason, played for 4 months with 140~170ms with no problem at all, no problem in doing PvE content, i also did PvP content and it was very doable, took a rage break for 2 months and now i’m back for 3 or 4 weeks having constantly ping spike like said above.

I made this post before around 15 days ago, did all the Troubleshooting Lag and Connectivity Issue, checked for Windows Update, Closed other applications that are the same ones i had opened during those 4 months (unless i have some hidden virus that no free program can detect), Verified the games files and even reinstalled the game, restarted the router and modem, i’m always using wired connection, did the troubleshoot in the Firewall.
Nothing helped so i contacted the support on the live chat, they asked me from a speedtest print from Fast and they would contact me in 3 days, well 14 days passed and nothing.

Case ID: ac9cd392-2e39-470e-b2b9-095a869ec618 i have no idea how i access it.

I don’t want to have less than 140~170 ping i just want to stop spiking to 300+ ping constantly.

Hi @Kinos.

Hope you’re having a nice day :sunny:

Thanks for let us know all the troubleshooting you did!

I’m sorry that you’re still with this connection issue, I know how frustrating this is.

Sadly we don’t have the possibility to know the information to the investigation, in order to share this; you will need to reach the web ticket to get an answer from Customer Support directly.

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Also please make sure you send this link to the agent so we can help you to investigate this issue, also give them all the information needed. And please let me know how was it!