Pirate Coins Weekly Sustain

I’ve been trying to weekly buy mats from pirate coin vendor every week and I’ve gotten to a point where I’m running out of pirate coins.

On that note, how can I generate enough pirate coins to be able to sustain clearing out the pirate coin vendor of all honing mats each week? is that even possible?


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Do the sailing events and adventure island


Please tell me you’re only buying the blues

Only the blues? Right now I’m buying all the honing mats :sweat_smile:

Is that bad?

They’re just not cost efficient unless you absolutely need it for that last push to an item level breakpoint. Pirate coins are hard to farm for.

I see… so they aren’t made to be bought out weekly. Thanks for the tips.

I buy 900 Guardian crystals every week on 10 chars. And I still have plenty coins. Events keep me going.

How have you run out? I have over 300,000 pirate coins :grimacing:

You are not meant to sustain pirate coins weekly, you spend pcoins in term of sacrifice horizontal progression.

How do you sustain your pirate coins, Hanoth?

I ran out because I buy t1 and t2 mats for my Alts weekly via pirate coin trade merchant as well as t3 mats for my main.

I only use mine for T3 mats as personally I find them the only ones worth buying.

You might find this useful though:

If you have 1 char , buying it out may be sustainable. If you have 10 alts, buying out blues is the only viable (and by far the most profitable) option.

Sailing events?

This video was helpful. Thanks!

You’re welcome. Good luck with your grind! :grin: