Pistoleer advice for Fresh T3 boost (powerpass)?

What engravings should i be aiming for and what accesseries/stones for easier time ??

Enhanced weapon.

Seriousely. You wont find any partys as Pistoleer even when overgeared and perfect setup. Its just the weakest dps class and even gameplay isnt that enjoying. Enhanced weapon can pull off incredible dps but is one of the hardest classes tho.

Anyways…Pistoleer is Spec with crit on neck. for the start until bracelet maybe 1 crit ring.

Pistoleer 3
Precice dagger 3
Grudge 3
Cursed doll 3
Adrenaline 3 (2 if 4x3+2)

basically u want go aim for ~80% crit or ur useless

For damage you go full spec with crit only on neck. As for eng adrenaline (and maybe precise dagger) are a must, with these Grudge as usual and you can add cursed doll.
But at this stage of the game be carefull as gatekeeping is rampant as hell. So better have guild or static with this build for raids.

is worth maining one after buffs gets added ?

Decent buffs for Pistoleer but i think NA/EU will get it on March.

Pistoleer 3
Grudge 3
Cursed Doll 3
Adrenaline 3
Precise Dagger 3

All level 7 gems if you can.

You can go full hallucination set or salvation set. Personally, I use salvation as I deal more damage with it and I have no problems with the crit. Just giving friendly advice. 1541 Pistoleer main here.

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if you’ll main it, more for a reason to start asap. Since the process to get to end game is lengthy unless you p2w it.

There’s one advice - don’t play pistoleer.


As someone who’s 1540 as pistoleer, vanka’s advice is pretty correct

These PPL are crazy, Got 1520 pistoler alt

No problem getting into Caliligos
No problem getting into Brelshaza 1-6
No problem getting MVP
Doing vykas busses etc, and ppl joins

Tip for me stop listening to streamers tier list etc

Gameplay is fun and build itself is cheap plus IT will get decent buff

If your char looks decent you will get accepted

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what is your stat distribution for salvation set?

also OP I wouldn’t listen to these people telling you to not play pistoleer, it received a pretty significant buff last year and we’ll receive another significant buff in March.

Spec Crit with necklace then spec everything else. Im currently at 1700 spec, 500 crit

Every pistoleer mains that I’ve played with from the start quit the game that should tell you something.

Vanka the spec crit enjoyer, nice

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Thanks for help what about if i wanna go 4x3 would Pistoleer/PD/Grudge and Adren be good choice ?

If you’re only 4x3, then yes, you can put cursed doll as last. Pistoleer/PD/Grudge/Adrenaline.

Just promise me you will try Pistoleer for a while before you sink a bunch of time/gold into it… There have been soooo many new “pistoleer mains” who abandon it for Enchanced Weapon the moment they get comfortable and want start doing things properly.