Pistoleer makes me feel like a fool

I understand that it’s hard to balance a game so that the class is viable both for top tier players and average/beginners, but Pistoleer just seems like the laziest solution.

And i know there are high end top performers that will say that EW is better once you “git gud” but face it, across the board the payoff just isn’t there for EW for vast majority of players and content.
I play EW for the fun of it but knowing that you can give up on half of your kit, spend way less time learning windows and patters, play reactively AND still do way more damage just makes me feel like a fool for playing EW, especially after latest buff.

What’s the point of the easier option also being the stronger one?

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Pistoleer is so laughably bad in KR endgame it’s not even on the tierlist. Your hardest hitting skill is the 5th dps option for EW builds and the damage is about the same. Compared to other braindead spam specs like reflux or mayhem, pistoleer is super underwhelming.

Well this kinda makes me hopeful. Is there similar data from the western version? Maybe it starts outscaling once you have as much skillpoints and gear, but still that is like judging if a car is good with your only test drivers being pro rally racers.

The difference is minor, KR mainly just has higher stats,1 extra node of engraving, and a couple more skill points. All the top performers on KR are already top performers in NA. Invest in your character and EW deadeye will pump big dps.

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Tierlist viewers are cringe, this game shouldn’t have tier lists. Pistoleer end game is fine, There’s a streamer called Handgunner_TV who plays exclusively pistoleer deadeye in all end game KR content with ease

Majority of the people who try to make tier lists in this game have no idea what they are talking about.


Yeah tier lists hardly apply to all scenarios objectively.
My problem with pistoleer is the design, turning a deadeye into a gimped version of any normal class without identity mechanic and with 1/3 of skills locked out.
They could make it a trade off like blue/red gunlancer, like reducing the +dmg bonus but enabling other weapons with higher cooldowns, or having different pistol modes instead.

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I guess you don’t watch handgunner at all, dude is in tears every time a balance patch comes out. Why don’t you ask him about the state of pistoleer or deadeye as a whole?? This tier list is pretty accurate as all of the tiers 1 classes except striker received nerfs, and most bottom tier classes received buffs. I’d rather believe something that has already been confirmed by the recent balance change than a random forum Andy calling others “cringe”.

Interesting that Pistoleer is being called a gimp build because it takes away some of the stances that EW has but no one bats an eye at Control Glaivier, which according to the tier list in this thread, is better than its counterpart. At the end of the day its about the person playing it. I am sure there are amazing EW players but probably more horrible EW players. The case also exists for Pistoleer players.

I would suggest not worrying too much about what others do and focus on what fits you best. That will ensure you are happy with game and therefor probably produce a better experience for yourself and the people you are playing with.

I think at the end of the day, given all things equal, EW has the better output. But that doesn’t mean Pistoleers won’t shine or shouldn’t do good dps because you can’t produce the same outcome while in EW.

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Pistoleer caps out super early which is why it feels strong in our version.

They get so much crit damage from spec that it’s easy to build out crazy high damage with crit engravings. But it starts to scale down in damage cause more spec just gives more crit damage which at the numbers you are getting really scale down the % damage increase. They are one of the only spec classes that don’t scale with more spec and from what I remember their tripods are kinda meh.

They are still fine and perfectly playable it’s just they don’t fit into korea burst meta.


I love the KR tierlists (the majority of them) where they just randomly place SS followed up with “I dont know because nobody plays them in KR and ive never seen one”

It scales very poorly. Crit damage is too high on spec and the very definition of diminishing returns, engravings are a bit scuffed due to mix of back attacks and non-back attacks skills and the extreme need for crit rate, lacks enough damage skills and some of the tripods are plain bad or lackluster. Best they can probably do is a rework on infinite decimation on death fire as the only option for damage on that skill is yet again crit damage. Makes no sense.
Not to mention hallucination is the worst scaling set in the game, so it has a even harder time keeping up with other classes post-relic.

However as far as consistency and uptime, the class probably matches reflux sorc. Incredibly easy to play, great mobility, 7 out of 8 skills (no matter how you combine them) have attack speed tripods. You never feel like a zero swiftness class. I even ran mass increase for a while as a budget option. My pistoleer alt is almost 1460 and while I can’t say it keeps up with others and will fall even further behind in the future due with how bad it scales, it is probably one of the best low effort alt classes in the game.

I used to hate it, now it kinda grew on me :joy:

It has been buffed however, so it’s not like they forgot about it completely. 10% damage last patch and now hallucination gets a rework in kr on ptr so even that is a slight buff. It needs a bit more attention though.

That’s an exaggeration. On equal grounds it hits significantly harder. Even though some of the damage pistoleer engraving gives you is in ambush master and entropy for ew.

No it’s not. There’s no need to answer without understanding the class.

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Watch handgunTV and started to play pistoleer as a deadeye beginner and love it. But as I upgrade him to about 1400~ ilv I noticed this build has very low ceiling, but judging by the difficulty, I feel it’s kind of a good balance. Recently go back to EW, and enjoy it so far, favorite alt now.