Pity after pity after pity ...Zzzzzzz

So basically not that it’s much better below +18 gear but afterwards it’s just a joke… fail after fail, pity after pity … What kind a dumb design logic makes the most misserable enhancing system that makes folk turn game off daily due to always failing no wonder games dying fast … there’s nothing fun or exciting about it there’s almost no chance a getting the items to upgrade neither except by going to every pity so then why tf make such a misserable system and not just make one big price tag per upgrade least mentally you know where your at and not having to try get past the depressive feeling a non stop failing upgrades …shit design shocking low chance rates a upgrades what is actually the fucking point anymore in game

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That’s… Exactly what the pity system is…???

Meanwhile most other MMOs don’t have a pity system at all and you can be permanently stuck enhacning a single piece of gear and never succeed.

Or even downgrade XDD

Why is there a rush to hone? Once you get to 1415 the next content is a +1 away from the next.
1415 - Valtan Norm
1430 - Vykas Norm
1445 - Valtan Hard
1460 - Vykas Hard

Do not feel you need to push so high friend. Late game honing isn’t supposed to be a daily/weekly thing

HOWEVER, I did 3 tap my weapon to +19 raw dog :open_mouth:

6 upgrades :stuck_out_tongue:
Btw it’s true, you can pity with 40%+ and succeed at 5% multiple times, the best is to not even look at the numbers on the screen.

Yup, I always go in with the mentality that this piece is going to pity. I think I spent a week on one piece but didn’t mind because there wasn’t a rush.

I’m honestly just working on horizontal content at the moment.