Pity Honers Recruitment Message

Hi cuties, this is Prunella from [EUW- Ealyn] Pity Honers Lvl 22 guild!

We are looking for very active members or even members that have came back to the game, etc. All are welcome, especially those cute supports you have :3 We do have a min iLvl requirement of 1520+ as that is the requirement to complete the latest raid, but we have many other guilds in which you can join and become a part of the community as you build up your roster. We offer GvG every Sunday starting at 18:45utc for all of our guilds with our two main guilds being last. We currently have 7 static groups, though we encourage being in a static, you are not required to join and you are allowed to move around wherever given there is space available. Feel free to PM me via Discord for more info: Ayanna#0213

Hope to see and speak to some of your friendly faces, and if you see me around don’t be shy and say hi!

Bye cuties! <3