Pixel Glasses Twitch Drop Bugged?

So I saved my Pixel Glasses Selection Chest from July for my Artist and threw them in roster storage…I tried putting them on today and it’s greyed out and lists every class besides artist…Do you plan to fix this or is this intentional and I should open them on something else…Please help :frowning:

not bugged, we got Europe/American coding which means the boxes are set on classes that are currently released when you received the drop.

You’ll have to wait till a new one drops.

Yeah not bugged I saved almost every skin box we got free from AGS and Twitch and 1 Mokoko skin, pink cutie headband and paper mask were the only ones I could use.

probably not a bug just some odd codding only working on legacy classes

As others have mentioned it’s most likely due to the fact these drops were created before artists release.

I’ll send feedback that it would be nice if these drops were updated to include the later classes.