Plase restore a deleted character

I deleted a character which i used a vern pass on and im regretting it now, is it possible to restore it?
Name: Maximusplebimusc
Server: Kadan
Class. Gunlancer
Level: should be 50, but i cant remember the ilvl

Hello @MaximusPlebimus!

I can definitely help you restoring your character.

I just need you to log off the game for me not to kick you out in the middle of important stuff, and also, make sure you have an empty slot for your character to be restored successfully.

This wont take me much, I’ll let you know once I’m done, or if I need something from you. :smiley:

Hello @Santoryu,

thanks for the quick response! Game is now closed and you can do your magic. :slight_smile:

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:magic_wand: W O O S H !

Your character has been restored, go ahead and let me know if it worked! :smiley:

Yes the character is back, thank you very much and have a nice weekend! :slight_smile:

I’m happy to know it worked! :smiley:

Tag me whenever you need some help. Stay safe and enjoy the game! :smiley: