Plat skins are they Legendary

Are the platinum pack skins Legendary or Epic?

In other regions, they are Epic (purple).


Is there a difference in the colours of the skins? Are gold ones somehow better?

Wearing skins/avatar gives you stats: charisma, bravery, courage and kindness
Having these stats enables you to do some quests for example rapport quests with NPCs to increase the relationship with you.
Increasing relationship with NPCs gives you rewards like currencies and books.

The higher of the rarity of the skin the more stats you get.

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So that’s the pay to win side of the game I’m guessing

It just means that rapport goes by a bit faster, but of course there is a P2W factor in this game. I don’t see how anyone can deny that. Doesn’t mean you can be lazy though. You still gotta work for it.

Are they dyeable? Would be cool ngl.

I think only the sorceress one (dyeable I mean)

Wouldn’t that be a bit weird? Like idk, why would only one class be able to dye its skin and all others not

I think the explanation is the sorceress costume is more recent cause its a new class, or something like that. Can’t remember now. AND maybe I’m wrong, not 100% sure, take my words with a grain of salt.

If anyoneone knows better, please go ahead.

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Legendary skins are special, you craft them.

They’re not in plat packs

Costume Dying is a “new” feature, only the newer skins support then. They never went back and made the older skins support it.

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Not really because you can still access/get them as a free to player just by doing quests that gives those rewards (charisma etc…) yes, you can get charisma as a reward XD

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