Platin Founder Skins on Auction

Can we purchase Founder Skins on Auction for Gold or do we still have to be afraid of getting perma banned if the selling Party refunds their Founders Pack after selling?

Don’t know if there is risk or not.

But try and find steams refund time limit.
It couldn’t be bought after release day so if the time runs out for refund possibility then I don’t see them refunding it.

Personally, I wouldn’t risk it.

There are people who are doing chargebacks to get past the Steam refund limit.

When Destroyer is released, I will be selling my platinum Gunlancer plat skins, that’s for sure, for more gold.

You can but quite a lot of people mentioned that they were sanctioned by buying these skins from the auction house and then banned because someone refunded them. Maybe these bans will be lifted but dealing with amazon support takes a lot of time and it’s less pleasant than playing Russian roulette.

It has nothing to do with steams refund, as steam will not refund this after purchase (since it has in game currency that cannot be removed by steam)
It’s actually people doing charge backs on their credit cards, which can be done for up to 2 years in some places…

However I have bought lawmaker/plat/mounts/pets off the market with no issue, it seems very rare that people are refunding this way. I’m willing to take my chance, just like I’m willing to take my chance with getting hit by a bus crossing the street. Remember this game had over a million players at one point, 100 getting banned because of this isn’t even a drop in the bucket.