Platinum Complimentary Weapon Skin Chest bug for Striker

Server: Mari
Character Name: Godfist
Region: NA West

Opened the Platinum Complimentary Weapon Skin Chest on my Striker to get the ‘Aeon Aura Gauntlet’ which is suppose to be a part of the Platinum Set, however, it instead gave me the ‘Destined Aura Gauntlet’, which is a part of the Awakening Hermit Martial Artist Skin Set (from cash shop and all…).

Below is the screenshot of me acquiring the platinum pack, and getting the Destined Aura Gauntlets, instead of Aeon Aura Gauntlets.

Server: Regulus
Character Name: Lleu
Region: NA East

This is still happening five months later.

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community and thanks for bumping this. I’ll see if I can get some additional information regarding this.

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Any update on this? I just got an email from support saying

"Please accept my sincere apology. Unfortunately this can not be reverted.

We can’t issue a skin or any in game item."

This is not acceptable. I am not asking for a new skin, just to receive the proper one.


Unfortunately, at this time I have no further updates to provide regarding this issue.

Ty for the reply. I guess this will sit another 10 months in stash…