Platinum Editions Founders

I wanted to purchase the platinum edition because I wanted the skin. Originally purchased the silver one. Is there anywhere I can still buy the plat or is it too late?


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Unfortunately the Platinum Founder’s Pack is no longer available to be purchase; however, you can check on the different starter packs that are available and see if one of them catches your eye.

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Hello its been 12 hours since they started giving out redemption packages, I still haven’t got my 3 packages. How long do I still have to wait? I got mien through Steam. All of my friends got theirs already. IGN:Prema Server:Galatur

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You can fine the information about the founder Packs here:

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Several people who didn’t even buy the package received it, and I bought the silver one, and so far none of it has shown up for me.

Same. I also haven’t gotten mine, yet 4 friends of mine got theirs. We’ll see if I can get mine too.


Hi. Most my guild alredy received their package, i bought the platinium one and still havent received anything. IGN: Bugzy, Server: Zinnervale

Same situation here. My wife has managed to get her platinum pack on the same server she made her first character on, whereas I moved to Antares and have yet to receive mine. I had it confirmed by Amazon live chat that as Antares was mentioned in the original post regarding replacement packs that I should be expecting mine in full; however that has yet to happen.

15hours on still no sign of mine founder’s packages 3 of them not one has showed up

Do the bonus Founder Packs also receive the same amount of Royal Crystals as the original Founder Packs?

18hrs still nothing

No they recieve only 1/7th the crystals, and omit the crystalline aura and adventurers chests

I have not received it still going on 24 hours. I have the platinum package. IGN: Zrow Server: Regulus. Please help me out. @Dim @AmazonFlex

I bought the Platinum Founders pack and I still haven’t received my package, other people on my server are getting theirs… IGN: Innddii Server: Galatur Region: NA East

Same here. Bought the Platinum pack and redeemed 2/8. Still have not received my package. IGN: Trevolution Server: Enviska

Bought Platinum and Silver pack, redeemed before 2/14 and still haven’t gotten anything yet.
IGN Pownstar
Server Kharmine


Bought Silver pack first and then Platinum, redeemed before 2/14 and still haven’t gotten anything yet.
Name= Ryuutensa
Server: Sirius


Bought Platinum pack and still haven’t gotten anything after my migration on Western Europe.
Name = Skytox
Server = Rethramis

bought and redeemed Platinum pack before 2/14. Received the Celebration pack about and hour ago at 16:05 EDT but didnt receive my second platinum pack after I moved servers after creation limits dropped.
IGN: Ahtuuu
Server: Azena
NA East region
(Recieved) Thanks for all the hard work :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat got the Celebration pack but still haven’t gotten second platinum pack.
Name = Holone
Server = Avesta
NA East Region