Platinum field matchmaking 2022

Is it okay?
Server: moonkeep


  • Joined to matchmaking on platinum field (acrcheology one etc).
  • Waiting for 37 mins for now, are we 2 out of 4 in entire EUW region?

P.S.: Topic title because of forum rules (not less 15 words and blah blah blah)

Get out of that immediately. Read the guide on how to do it properly, you are literally wasting a fairly rare item.

nope :smiley:

It’s very rare to find a ticket and most people do it with their guild/friends.

I have only seen one of those tickets and I have been playing since day 0…

have got 3 of them, used 2. 1 is left for now, all 3 used in matchmaking. Looking for another party now.

I’ve had about 7 or 8. I wasn’t under the impression they were that rare. But I do a lot of trade skills. Currently on 36 World Leaves.