Platinum founder pack skin

Good evening, I am a player from Brazil.
I bought the platinum founder pack, but I didn’t really know about the chest system. I thought that when I opened it I could choose the skin, I wanted the platinum founder skin for the PALADIN, but as I was using the SOULFIST class it ended up generating it directly. Could you help me making the switch to the PALADIN skin please?

@Roxx please help me with this, i don’t know how to solve it and i’m desperate for having got the wrong skin

Hello @Manollo;

I’m really sorry to hear about this issue that you’re having with Lost Ark.

In this case, the founder’s pack skin gets linked to the character that you use to claim it and it is not transferable to the other characters. We cannot transfer the skin from our end.

You can try to contact costumer service to see if they can escalate this to help you but I cannot assure that they can.

Thanks for your report!

I paid 100 dollars in the biggest pack just to have the paladin skin, please help me just with this problem, I intend to buy more skins but I can’t buy another platinum founder pack. If there is any way to refund the purchase and I buy it again, or you access my account and just change the skin to the paladin. Please people, someone from lost ark help me.

I’m really sorry about this issue but as I told you in the previous post we cannot change the skin that you already claim with one character.
Also, as I mentioned in the other post you can try to contact costumer service to try to see if they can escalate this issue, but we cannot assure you that they will change you the skin.