Platinum founders avatar question

@Seawolf @Roxx - Playing on RU i noticed that the sorceress has a red outfit that players could choose from a box that also includes her original blue outfit (the one on the platinum founders pack image)
What happens when we receive our founders box with the avatars? will we also get to choose the red outfit as well and between other classes outfits that may not have been shown on the image too? or is it strictly only the outfits on the founders pack image? i hope this makes sense haha. pic below for reference

I am not sure if I understand your question, but I will answer what I think you are asking.

You must create a char to redeem the founder’s pack, the char you create and redeem the pack will be char you are getting the Avatar, if I am not mistaken, you can redeem at lvl 10 after the tutorial when you enter the first city, and in this avatar, you can choose one of the 2 options if the avatar has the 2 options.

oh okay! so because the sorc has the blue and red option i will be able to choose between both? :slight_smile:

if the version of the founder’s pack you buy allows you to choose, I am quite sure you can, but I think this may be possible only in the Platinum Version.

hmm yeah thats what im wondering, if the plat version allows us to choose between the multiple outfits or if it only allows us for example to only have the blue sorc one as its the only one displayed in this image

i just love the red one so much more so i hope they allow us to choose between the two when we redeem the plat pack avatar, would be nice to get confirmation on it!

I prefer the red one too.

@Seawolf i know this isnt a popular thread here but alot of people on the discord are wanting to know if we can get the red sorc outfit with our plat founders pack x

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I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to select the color, they will sell the color variants on the cash shop.

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This, I think exactly the same. Especially if the founder’s avatar is limited.