Platinum Founders Pack delivered twice

Are you still getting boxes?

I am too afraid to log out atm, incase thats the reason why people getting those rewards over and over. I already got a 2nd platinum pack today morning after I claimed my regular one yesterday and logged out later to go sleep. The 2nd one is still in my product inventory and I didnt touched it yet. Luckily it doesnt seem to send the crystals twice, since I still have the same amount of crystals than before. But the problem with the packs still remains I assume, since there was no update from AGS regarding this matter yet, right? sigh

People with the duplicated founders packs, are your exclusive founder’s skins stacked? Hoping if I buy a second Platinum pack, I can claim the founder’s skin on another class.

But I have seen Platinum Bard Avatar in the EU AH earlier? So how is that possible then?

Kk, thx.
It is still a huge advantage then though - And it crashes the economy. This is a big issue.

plat was supposed to get an Extra copy of the skins or did i missread that when i bought the pack?!
because i only got 1 skin with my plat pack

I’ve tried to redeem a box, but it’s still closed in my inventory and I hope that devs makes something to restore the legit founder pack. I haven’t activated the Crystalline Aura, I haven’t activated extra slot, I haven’t opened any skin, I haven’t take the silver, I’ve opened only one pet box and one mount box, stop.

Hello everyone!

While I understand your concerns, I would like to repeat what @Roxx has already said on this same thread and on a Bug report thread:

Unfortunately we don’t have further insight on the matter, but when we do, it will be addressed on the Official News section.

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions, but please let’s not speculate, since it can lead to misunderstandings.

For the time being, please allow us some time until a decision has been made.

Have a good day.


I really hope this gets fixed, people getting all the Cerberus and pet colors and lots of dupe sets just leaves a real bad taste in my mouth + being able to sell them for gold.
Seen many arguments of people saying “that just helps the economy” but no that just fills the pockets of the people that either got lucky with dupes or actively try to dupe even though they already got a bunch of free silver and good “premium” items.

Hi, here with the same problem but with the gold and silver pack, 3rd time reclaim and I dont have to got it, I Only get at first time but When I login yesterday and today the chest appear again. I cant get banned for this bug and I dont play until resolve this bug.

Same happend to me, I claimed my first one and the second one on accident (unused tho) and a third one is sitting around in the “Product Inventory” :frowning:

Wow. I’ve lost my platinum pack to a wrong server due to a server bug, can’t transfer and can’t even buy a 2nd one cause they won’t let me. And some people have theirs delivered twice. Great stuff. Life is unfair indeed.

Same issue here, looks like with each login or so, the product inventory gets re-filled.
I’m getting the founders plat-box plus the goodies from Prime Gaming as well.
So far I have claimed the 2nd round but not used/opened anything, 3rd set of items is still in the storage, unclaimed.

The simple fact that you can easily say that “noone will be banned” pretty much sets the tone for this topic. You should absolutely ban those who obviously dupped it more than a few times because it will surely lead to Auction House abuse and gold gained unfairly by selling those things. Obviously some people got an extra pack accidently but with team looking into it properly you can figure out the abusers who have 10 packs or more. Are you saying you’re not even considering banning people with several duppes or atleast temporarly suspending their account while fixing it? It’s already flooding the Auction House with Cerberus mounts.

i think people who opened more than 2 packs did know that was a bug who will don’t know if you get the pack again and again after the 6 times you think oh maybe that’s a bug they just say that so they don’t get banned sry for my bad English but for real it’s a real bad Excuse, to be honest

the only solution for this is a big rollback, but its way too late for that now. you cannot revert it otherwise because items are tradeable. in the past i quit games because of fails like that because its really unfair, dunno what to do now. i also bought the platinum pack and only 1 skin and variants, feels pretty bad.

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Hi everyone.

Thanks for the ones that took their time to leave their feedback. We now have more information regarding this issue:

Regarding Multiple Item Claims”:

"Yesterday, a database timeout led to multiple claims of Founder’s Packs and Twitch Drops for some players. This affected less than 4% of all accounts, with the majority of these players only redeeming 1-2 extra items, which did not include any additional Royal Crystals. We worked quickly to deploy a fix that has prevented additional items from being created, and are currently working with Smilegate RPG to revoke the items that were created during the period that this occurred. We expect this fix to come later today, as it is a priority for the team to keep the in-game economy intact.

Thank you for your patience, and we will provide an update as soon as possible."

Please closely follow the future updates on the Official News section.

Thank you all for your time and patience on this matter.

I have same bug, tuesday I receive platinum founder pack, and today I receive another platinum founders pack on another character on the same account…I open it without thinking about it, I just hope it’s not bannable…


So, this sets precedent, next time someone finds a dupe. people will do duping and participate in it because there is no risk of punishment. …

If someone get a dublicate once or twice. give a warning.
If someone duped 5+ give a decent punishment. maybe a week ban from game or removal of ingame playermarket for those persons.
if someone duped ~20 or more, i think permanent ban would be only fair for such blatant abuse of duping that wrecks economy of game.

If there are no punishment for what these people did. then they will abuse next and next and next dupes. sooner or later there will be a bug that allows duping, every single MMO had such issues and will have. but there needs to be risk for those breaking rules to stop masses from wrecking economy.


There is a difference between knowingly exploiting a bug and not realizing it’s a bug.