Platinum Pack from Australia

Hi, just want to know that if I buy Platinum pack for the perks to be used later once OCE servers are available? Will it be possible to do so if I create a character later on that OCE server?

There’s no OCE servers in the works, Amazon said there was no plans to make them.

Since Amazon owns the publishing rights in Australia you can assume that they will come up with something if they would ever release OCE servers. It would be pointless if they were to release OCE servers later on if they wouldn’t make it possible for people to move there, because nobody would play there if they are already invested in a character on another server and would have to start from scratch.

Yes this makes sense. I am not sure but I read/watched somewhere that they do plan to launch OCE servers in future. So i guess if we can keep our hopes high and if they launch the OCE server they will definitely allow character transfer of some sorts.

But Founder Packs can only be bought until release date. When the game goes live for everyone to play.

Roxx said here Founder Pack Redeem - #9 by Roxx that founder items are send to your first character, so even if they’d make oce servers your founder items would be stuck elsewhere.

If you want the plat pack get it, you wont get that chance after launch. We will get servers one day, but as others said its not in the works and transfers arent discussed because…well…theres no server to transfer too any time soon.

ok thank you. What server are Aussie players targeting at launch?

NA West Valtan is unofficial AUS/NZ server and other OCE players

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