Platinum Package - need 2 swap Server

hey guys, i bought the € 100 Edition to support the game and get the ingame goodies.

Started on Server Asta and since i am a working person i am never able to login.
Nearly all my goodies are used on Asta.
Now i Swapped the server to Inanna on the same Region, and actually every Streamer and everything i read said, i should have all the goodies.
But sadly i have nothing. not the ingame currency for shopping (7200) nore the mount, nothing.

So long story short. At the moment it feels like i came in with good intention, spended 100 bugs, got baited on a Server i am not able 2 play on anymore and all my 100 bugs are totally lost.

Is there any sort off support regarding this theme.
I really like the game but this is somewhat unfair.

Kind regards