Platinum Skin purchases

Are we still going to be able to purchase platinum skins from the shop for a certain amount of time? I was under the impression from the other country releases that we would have access to them for the first month?

My understanding was they were pre order chests for founders. So now the game has released they’re gone forever

Platinum avatars were included in founders packs that were only available for people who started BEFORE the game had released to the general population. It may have been available later on in the other regions, but there has been no news whatsoever of the avatars coming back, so I think it’d be safer to assume that you will not be able to get them anymore.

That said, I did see some of the platinum avatars on the market board! You could try your luck there.

The skins are tradeable 3 times.

That’s fine I just read somewhere that for the first month on other server regions they offered the plat skins In the shop for Jen they went for ever but maybe it’s just not the same for our release.

Glad I got the paladin one anyways I was just hoping to get them for thee other classes I wanted.

There’s a bunch on market board but there like 10k gold