Played pvp 12 hours yesterday. OP classes are 1) Mage 2) Artillerist & 3) Bard 4) Beserk

12 hours of PVP on three diff specs, for 3 chars I have.

So for those 12 hours, which class hits top dps 3 out of 4 times? MAGE does. It’s not skill if 3 out of 4 mages are ranking top dps, every game. That’s not skill. Yet it happens.

Which 3vs3 team is op? A bard with a beserker, duh. My soulfist is barely scratching a beserker getting healed by a bard. Like doing no dps. The beserker can just walk anyone down with a support, too easily.

Artillerist, wins at these 1vs1 matches of 3 rounds. Artillerist can solo 1vs3, they just spam all their robot stuff & near range aoe explosions, then they win. They are too tanky af too.

My classes I play are Soulfist, Deathblade, & Sharpshooter. Now testing a Wardancer. To all those who say Deathblade is op, are you a bloody noob? I played 12 hours, deathblade do trip me, tho I was never perma stunned. Deathblade isn’t even known for perma stun, Male Martial Artist is, you noobs. Get it right. Male Martial Artist stun locks, Deathblade doesn’t lock, they just trip. Big difference. So on the recieving end, deathblades air kicks haven’t been a issue much, not as nearly a issue a mage spamming aoe. Also my deathblade doesn’t even score wins from CC, my deathblade does aoe hit & runs.

Also my deathblade has the weakest hp out of all 3 agile classes. I literally get touched by a basic attack & my deathblade is already at 3/4th hp. We have the same hp as mages or defense. Yet the mage is dishes out WAY more dps at farther ranges & aoe multiple people left & right. How the freak is that even comparible. Ye once per 30 minutes, my deathblade scores a nice combo, but that’s it, the rest of the time your hp is dropping as fast as paper, from a tiny burn. One punch to a deathblade = deathblade lost 25% hp already before the main duel even started. Paper class hp.

AOE range, FOR SURE wins 90% of Deathmatch games. I don’t even play deathmatch anymore, it’s a joke. 1v1 is too slow to load too, it’s just ok to do once a while. So 3v3 is all this game has a fair map. This game needs so many more pvp maps, features, & rewards. It’s not even a joke. A pvp progression system & pvp siege 10vs10 maps that are better than dota or guild wars 2.

& ye I’m aware theirs too many nerf threads, tho people barely played more than 1 class in pvp. Ultimately for nerf:

  • Mage needs a 8% nerf to dps, tired of seeing Mage’s who scores 200k more dps for 3vs3’s or 800k more dps than everyone for deathmatch. 8% mage dps nerf. Maybe 10% nerf. They just spam aoe everywhere, than the mage says " gg ", & your like… only noobs play mages, because you’re salty of how dumb it was for the mage to dish out aoe dps. Their literally doing deathblade dps, while having more aoe, & higher survival rate. You chase a mage, they just aoe you knock you down, blow you up with fire & teleport away. It’s way easier to run away for mages, than it is for a melee to chase them. + mages do too much dps overall.

  • Then Artillerist is too damn tanky. Artillerist needs less defense by 8% & maybe spams too much too for 1vs1’s, so cd’s? Nerf artillerist hp. Seen a artillerist win a 1vs3 by just spamming all his mech stuff & near range AOE. Too much dps as well if the spam a 1vs1.

  • Beserker is only op with support classes for a 3vs3. Tho they make the list, for having too much hp when combined with support skills, while dishing out decent dps. They just become unstoppable with support.

  • Fairy’s support skills half the time are too op, barely can make a scratch with female dps classes against good fairy teams. They have like full hp. 2 fairies, fairies with paladin, fairy alone who self heals for too much or does too much dps as a support class. Deathmatch fairies win dps charts. Tho for 3vs3 its the support that is too effective at times, nerf support skills & besekers hp by 6%.

  • Martial Artist Male stun locks worst than Deathblade, by far worst. Twice as worst CC. Martial Artist Male has. So if people whine about Deathblade cc (even I don’t even use deathblade cc but use aoe for db) so if they whine about db cc, than their gonna have to for sure mention the Male Martial Artist’s ability to stun lock you with punches alone. Then Tornado. Then more punches. Stunned. However MA male, doesn’t make my list, because if you ditch the MA male, he’s can be somewhat kited. However you can’t kite a mage dishing out too much dps, or a tanky artillerist who has near range aoe & far too.

Which brings me to my last note. Range wins in this game. It’s easier to run away, than it is to chase.

P.s. I’m a Soulfist main, which as the looks of it, is the most underplayed pvp class there is. It’s also hard to be good at for pvp. So respect the opinion of the underdog class. Later.


I mentioned deathblade & no their not winning 3vs3’s (tank mage & healer are) their not winning deathmatch for sure ( AOE range is).

So you got kicked up in the air by a DM, once awhile maybe? Woopdeedoo, their still made of paper. They don’t even have a punch cc. Their known for spinning aoe attack mainly. Spinning aoe isn’t winning a 3vs3. Especially when the spin often is a single firing line, not even real circle radius aoe much. Not to mention when you try to aoe with deathblade, you end up running out of it with 1/4th less hp. They are a paper class, if not the lowest hp in the game. Try chasing a teleporting mage, who shoots a tripping fireball in your face when you finally catch up. Then that firebal leaves you with only 75% hp, from the start of the duel. Not to mention most cc skills a deathblade has are kick ups, kick ups get tackled & countered all the time, or dodged. So ye my best spec is dps hit & runs for deathblade, has nothing to do with cc kick ups.

The only time deathblades cc from the enemy bothered me, was when I was fighting 2 of them. Takes 2 of them to stunlock, 1 doesn’t do it good enough. Only martial artist male has solo cc. So question MA male for nerf, only on that.

Maybe some DB’s fair good at 1vs1? Tho so far I saw Artillerist & Martial Artist Male be good for 1vs1, just them only for now. So you mention koreans? The korean experience isn’t what is happening for pvp N/A arena’s right now. Vets may be bias. The NA pvp experience is more honest.

A game with PvP and players on the forums crying that classes they lose to are OP.

Name a more iconic duo.


I’m not crying. Just explaining these are the facts, after 12 hours of testing.


Ur bad


Amazing feedback guys. Bravo. Enlightening.

I don’t know why you use damage as a metric for pvp op’ness. I do around 800k damage as a wardancer in pvp. Is wardancer an op class? I’m a good player? The answer to both is no, not even close.

Most of the time, it is the approach that is at fault. Many many players say that Artillerist is a one trick pony, once you know the pattern to their burst, it is done. Mages are made of paper, get them out of position and you can burst them down in a juggle. These are only examples.

Give people time to adjust to pvp in this game and the situation will change for sure.

Also, 12h is not enough time imho to have a very broad vision of the balance or whatnot.


First of all 12 hours is more than enough. I’m a pvp general from Planetside 2 of 4 years. Pvp general of AV WoW Classic. & Pvp master of GW2. Among others. 12 hours for this tiny skill list & little skill tree customization is enough. Just got done with studying POE’s skill tree for 4 months. Lost Arks skill customization is figured out in 20 min for all classes. WoW talent tree is figured out in 1 hour for all classes.

I even know how the BG AV map was exactly unbalanced, even when 1,000’s of players couldn’t figure out the exact reason why, while raiding with them. Before all us Alliance quit. Classic WoW.

Damage is literally the way you win Deathmatch. So your starting your first sentence off odd. Someone on my 3vs3 team; A ally; who does 200k more damage than the enemy’s guy, makes a huge difference. Not to mention that damage, also means that person spamming the damage, is also aoe tripping the whole field. So more damage, doesn’t just mean less hp for the enemies team. It also means that mage or bard infliced stuns, trips, or status effects as well. More often. More spammed spells. Usually is the case for more dps metrics.

Also damage also implies survivability, that person obviously wasn’t being attacked much when their dishing out A TON OF DAMAGE. They survived, just fine, while dishing it all out. Meaning their DEFENSE is huge.

Time to adjust? I already mastered 3 classes in 1 day, if the devs don’t give every class 4 more skills & new guild verse guild or group verse group maps, for pvp, or else. Plus a ton of skill customization, & pvp rewards; topping what Guild Wars 2. If not = then probably going to quit in 3 months time. Quit this game, if no depth of pvp updates. Or depth of social aspects to this game.

Meanwhile Planetside 2 is a free game and is having 100 verse 100 verse 100 people fights. With new continents worth of open field region maps. Too bad I’m burned out from playing it. A free game. Overall I expect more from 2022 mmorpg games. Ragnarok Online 2002 had 30vs30vs30vs30, guild fights; many years ago. The skill cieling isn’t that much higher for me, for this game. Besides alts. Tho then what after I test all the alts for 1 day of pvp. Hmm? They need to stop timegating content, release all 3 years of new classes. Re add to the old classes of 4 new skills. 4 new skills to ever class the N/A version, got released with. More abilities. Reasons to main a class. Less alt focused gameplay.

Then toss new expansion packs, 4 of them over 8 months time, 1 per 2 months, they have the funds to do so, for korean version transitions of group verse group open field maps. Wth npc dota style allies & attackers. On lanes. To siege.

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Totally agree with you. People need time to get to know others classes ( by playing agaisnt/them). No matter how ‘‘OP’’ a class is, there’s always a window to punish them since cooldowns exist.


Man idk if this is straight up ignorance or its your ego getting in the way but 12 hours is no were NEAR enough of time for pvp. Experienced players will tell you this hell even someone who played 2 days. Artillerist is a prime example of a noob killer i also thought he was op and to much defense then i learned the class myself and realized how bad you can outplay him i feel like your trolling but im gonna feed into this just incase your dead serious.


Saying damage doesn’t matter for PVE might make sense. As some bosses have armor or regeneration.

Tho saying damage doesn’t matter for pvp? So what happens if you do x2 or x3 more damage than other classes? Don’t enemy players just die? Ye, they die.

So a enemy team class, who does more damage than everyone = your allies die.
Your allies don’t have bonus armor, most classes don’t have regen, & even the 1 who does, has it in limited form. So, dps = you die. Top dps class = kills everyone, faster + snares.

So far the replies have been:

" Generic deathblade response with no logic to back it up "

" your noob "

" 12 hours isn’t enough, but I nothing to add to the conversation "

" wow & gw2 require no skill, but I’m not gonna mention the mmo that requires skill "

Yeah, suitable responses given your entire post is based on this drivel:

  1. You’ve played PvP for 12 hours on a brand new game, with brand new players.
  2. You have a history of playing PvP in other games that are entirely different to this one.
  3. You’ve “mastered” 3 classes in 1 day (on the same game that not many people know how to play yet)
  4. You think damage equates to guaranteed success
  5. You think the skill ceiling has peaked 2 weeks into the game

You’re a fool and it’s probably best you go back to your fps - That, or get yourself onto the Korean version and go show them how you’ve mastered the classes and PvP in 12 hours.


This MFr just unironically listed Classic WoW as credentials for why they’re skilled at PvP


First post was TLDR

However judging by your title I can already say your argument is invalid.

Why? Berserker and Artillerist are low tier classes and yet here you are saying they’re OP… That’s all I needed to read to know you’re too inexperienced and don’t know much about the game yet.

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Just going based of the title, i’ve been pvping since the game came out, i also played on the russian version of the game and got diamond in ranked.

mage and artillerist are completely dogshit in pvp, if u find them OP u prob don’t know how to play against them but these classes aren’t strong and easy to counter, bard is OP i agree, other dan bard… gunlancers, paladins and deathblades are extremely strong and lance master is completely broken, other classes such as sorceress and whatever are pretty average (good).

that said the game has been out for 3 years, pvp doesn’t really get balanced at all nor is amazon in control of these things.

It’s not that WoW and GW2 don’t require skill. They require different skillsets. A LoL player will be more at home than any player from those games just as an example.

12 hours is certainly not enough when you have tournaments and KR pro’s that do this for a living saying they’ve been playing for years and still haven’t mastered the classes. Yet you’re here claiming you mastered not 1 but 3 classes in half a day.

Look at your complaints and ignorance. “tired of seeing mages who score 200k or more dps for 3v3’s”. Mate I’m a gunlancer and I do twice that every match lmao. I don’t blame you, matchmaking is borked and resets with every game restart, until we have ranked it’s dumb to even make assumptions. Is sorceress newbie friendly in pvp? For sure, that we can agree on. But once you start playing with people that actually know how to play, you’ll see that things change including your perspective on pvp. Same with all your other complaints.

And all of the other complaints are because you don’t know the mechanics, which is normal since you only have 12h of pvp as per your words. Soulfist has the best winrate so far this season in KR, way above others and good playrate. Go watch the last tourney a couple days ago. Don’t think it’s that popular here for the same reason deadeye isn’t, complexity.

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. Yes
  5. Yes

I pvped over 60h this week on Sorc and Deathblade and it’s still nothing, I still have a ton to learn. I do normally top the dmg on my sorceress indeed but I also often do on my deathblade. The grass always looks greener on the other side. I want to swap to Shadowhunter for my main.

Just a quick tip, sorceress will do very high damage if you leave them unchecked. If you play a martial artist or assassin and such, just hop on their back and they’ll hardly get a single cast off (especially if you play Deathblade, you can pretty much toy with most of them). Their spells take a second or two to go off and any little hit will interrupt it and put it on CD leaving them helpless. Sure Sorc team mates might help her and then it gets complicated but team mates need to peel for you in this game and you need to keep hitting sorc if there’s one.