Player disconnections are frustrating

Now with the gold nerf that they have put I have not been able to do anything with my alters between taking out the jumping stones for my main and not even so and if I can not do anything with the disconnection trying to connect for 2h.

And more remains if some have almost no time to play and now less with the disconnections that I think some are already fed up regardless of the fact that some make raids to improve their teams or buses to help other players when they can’t even connect to the server, And I think some of us have lost a lot of the gold that we were hoping to get this week when the gold nerfs are around.

Besides, if there was going to be an update where this was going to cause a big problem that they could not solve, they would have warned that the servers were disconnected for 1 day and nobody would have complained about the disconnections apart from the fact that it takes you out through the system that if you are a Bot.

Hello Darretlethe,

We’re so sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue and have moved your discussion over to our Support section.

Hello @Darretlethe

Hope you are doing great.!

I do apologize about the disconections you are facing I understand this is unfortuned and frustrating for the players.
We have some troubleshooting paths that may help you to solve situations like this:

If none of this tips can help you I would suggest to create a wev ticket in order to investigated this situation:

Best Wishes Hero.!