Player report function

@Roxx @Seawolf Will there be actual investigations into player reports for validity or is it going to roll like NW where groups of people could just troll report and get people 24hrs for no reason? Never had a problem with easy anti-cheat and “false positives” as some people like to call it, but is the actual AGS system going to implement the same way, where X amount of reports = timeout without examining reports first?

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So there is a toxic person in game, you want to report him oh nvm no such reason exists when you report. And to add to that you can’t report a person that isn’t in your server. LOL So two ppl don’t want to move the raid boss to center so me and another person can actually hit it. We couldn’t even climb up bcs we were in the bosses as*. Now I don’t want to be a Karen but if they call me a f-in loser, if I think they need me I’m wrong and other insults after they went into matchmaking their self, I think I should be able to report them. This is not the first time I experienced something like this in matchmaking and I can’t even have the satisfaction of reporting them. :smiley: And not to mention all the trolls in abys dungeons and such after you get to the end and they won’t let you finish the duzngeon/raid.