Player with lv 161 roaster and lv 39 stronghold. is this still normal? (screenshot)

just found this picture on facebook. what do you think about it? big whale, hardcore gamer or botter?

a ton of alts ye. im also 39 stronghold. just not as high roster


You can’t really whale your way to Roster lvl 161. That’s a player who has been playing every day since release for hours, with tons of alts. As for the stronghold, I currently have a lvl 32 Stronghold, and my time is split between gaming and school.


is that max lv for strongholds?

No. Visited a lvl 41 yesterday.


no, but someone who buys dispatch and research ticket probably has more

yes is “normal” for him, and that sorc is an alt hehehee the main maybe is 1415 or more, he/she just did a lot of thinks with alts every day, my roaster is only 109.

The stronghold level is not surprising, but the roster level, that dude must llay 18hrs a day, and skipped knowledge transfers for roster xp lol

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Anyone know if strongholds get cooler later? Currently 35 and im really not impressed with the amount of options at all. Thought itd be way more customizable, but so far its pretty pathetic

for me the training camp is the best use. Easy to lvl alts

Probably plays all day and has multiple alts or boosted them with creditcard.

i play somewhat cassualy and have only 2 alts and am at 110 and 36 stronghold

didnt know its so easy to level up the stronghold. mine ist just 31. and i play everyday many hours since release.

i used some for a while
u need to be running dispatch 24/7

Not right now. But look at whats in development for our strongholds.

watch for a few minutes. I linked where he starts talking about it, and the guys watching it kinda discuss what he’s talking about, but Gold River eventually shows a video of the new stuff.

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The stronghold is not a probleme of gametime, and whaling doesnt help so much.
Just be sure to not have energy reaching the maximum. And doesnt need much gametime (but would need to log 2 time to help).
I am level 37 while some days at begining ignoring my fortress totally and fortress takes me really no time each day. (mostly when i log in first while coming back home, and another before going to bed). Only used pills the game offered me (and not all yet, ^^’ )

For the roster level, here is hugegametime.

jesus thats amazing. the seasons :scream: :scream: :scream:

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So after all those whiny complainers, now we have these “Detectives” and “Investigators” lol


This just proves the opposite of what u think it does…

this person is legit in every way just plays a ton and his stronghold lvl and roster lvl proves this, that he also probably dont hard whale, whales tend to have low roster lvl and stronghold since they just cash instead of playing the game

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I saw a guy with roster 190 ~ 1 week ago, I bet he is 200+ right now.

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You should get stronghold to at least lvl 15+, lots of cool cosmetics later on