Playerbase punished again

So its pretty obvious that you guys lowered the server cap,ive played since launch and never seen a 8k queue at 11:30am on a monday morning.Instead of finding a solution the playerbase is punished yet again for your mistakes.


I get the logic behind them doing it to fix the matchmaking etc, however, if they have actually lowered the caps, not being transparent about it is really quite bad and another slap in the to the EU community. Just common decency would dictate that they should let us know at the very least.


Agree. Instead of locking most overcrowded servers earlier or deal with macro/afk players they just put people into infinite queue. If queue at 12pm is 12k for me then later its gonna be 20k+ = no chance to play for many people


Funny how there was 0 info about the reasoning for lasts night maintenance.Now we know,another kick in the balls for EU


They are too scared to tell anybody anything anymore, cuz everything is a disaster.


Och and another story is server login stability which causes issues with queues, even if you wait long time in queue your game can just crash anytime and you have to start queueing again, happened to me few times already and to many other people aswell.

Punished again? You can’t be serious? So you’d rather have unplayable matchmaking and not being able to do end-game content but slightly lower queue?

I’d say this is probably a good short-term approach from AGS considering. People want to be able to play once they are in the game. Imagine having to queue for 7 hours only to not be able to do anything inside the game due to instability…


what he said and yes i’am in queue , tottally agree with them doing that , server was so unstable.


Seriously i gladly wait 4h in queue and have a functional endgame. What is the benefit of waiting 1 hour and cant do shit ingame ?

People forget that this is not the end solution. Stop complaining, im glad i can go a dungeon tonight for first time this week :slight_smile:


Hey im all down for fixing this,and if this it what it takes then so be it,but its still punishing for the player base that already had to endure long queues before this server cap nerf.Lets just hope that this actually makes a difference.

although some ppls will have hard time to even get in not mentioning doing anything actually :stuck_out_tongue:
happy for your progres tho :stuck_out_tongue:

I think if they did lower the amount of players able to play in order to stabilize the matchmaking and commerce server then I think this is more important then lowering the queues, however annoying it might be to sit in a 8 or 20k queue.

When you are in the game at the very least you want to be able to enjoy doing all the content and not being faced with alot of other issue(s) preventing you from playing.

So in my opinion Stable server > Queues.

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Do you think that will change anything ? Longer que just means more ppl will use macros etc. to stay active increasing the load on servers even further. Instead of ppl logging in when they want doing their shiz and logging out.

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You want a stable server or longer queues? Basically its either one or the other.
People AFKing with macro’s is a whole other topic.

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It’s bots not players. Go to prideholme and see how they follow the same path. It’s a joke, this game is 3 years old and still allows lvl1 gold spammers.

Erm, the server load will be the same regardless if people use macros or if they are actually playing the game. You still have a max amount of people logged in at any given moment.

So no, the servers will not get increased load with lowered population cap.

This comunity is so unbelievable… jesus

This issue is a very binary issue, because of the way the game was done, therefore it’s not on AGS. but the community, if it was me i would be closing the game on europe. And i’m from Europe.

There are a lot of queues, the comunity cries to increase the pop.
The matchmaking is broken, the community cries to be fix (and the only fix is to lower pop, let’s be real).
AGS closes the servers, the community cries because they want to play with their friends, even tho the game is done in such a way that you don’t need to be in the same server for nothing (that matters really)

I mean lets just close all servers and be done with this mess!



yeah shame on the comunity for expecting the game to work lol

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yes shame on the commmunity to expect a fix that doesn’t exist when the CM’s already came to say that there’s nothing AGS can do.

Just stop complainign and get a macro of your own and be happy

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