Players are quitting: How to get players back

TLDR; Give us a character powerpass to 1370/1415.

The main complaint that I see amongst players that are quitting in droves is accessibility to content. Honing RNG in this game is NOT fun, especially if you are locked against content if you fail more than the next guy. No one wants to be WALLED to content (due to RNG). Furthermore, No one wants to play a DEAD game if people all leave.

Instead of delaying Valtan, instead of delaying other content AND without angering the Whales that spend major money in this game to reach the highest of ilevels I have one major suggestion to get the player base back.

Provide us with a Free Power Pass to the latest raid (ilvl 1370) through the “Welcome Challenge” after the Raid has been out for 1 month. Furthermore to prevent bots from abusing this free pass, the “Welcome Challenge” requirement is to first hit T3 (ilvl 1325 is feasible), cleared all T2 Guardians and Abyss Dungeons up to 1325. Alternatively you can set it based on the roster level (61 is a good number since its the same level you unlock the 2nd Bifrost Key).

Upon release of Valtan, all players should get a ilvl 1415 power pass after a month to do the latest Raid content.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

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They will never do this. Maybe a payed one to punika.

Next suggestion. Here’s a free pass that immediately unlocks access to the endgame credits! Enjoy.

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Literally didn’t bother reading after the first sentence, good God ROFL


Nah better, we need a free pass which is completing all activities, all collectibles and of course boosting a character 1500 at least. I think this is what we, the players, want.

“how to get players back” make the game good


Even if I could powerpass my main to 1415 from 587 rn I wouldn’t. Sounds boring af

Why wait 1 month to do that? They should give us powerpasses to 1620 now. It should also full-complete the adventurer’s tome, all of the achievements, it should get you all of the runes, collectables and uninstall the game for you. What more do you want? The raid to finish it self? Should there be a scroll just like for una tasks that auto-complete your raids too?