Players exploit Chaos Dungeons?

Sorry, my english isnt that good.

Today i played a lot of Chaos Dungeons, i always play with 3 randoms. in 5 out of 8 Chaos Dungeons Players left at the second Stage before Entering the portal to the 3rd Stage.

I play since release and NEVER before left someone the Chaos Dungeon. But today already 5 Players, that were playing actively until they left at that point.

At the same time prices are dropping very low for some fragments/shards and the auction house is flooded.


It’s not exploit. They are just doing inifnite chaos runs after doing 2 daily. It’s more time efficient to just do first 2 stages and leave


So I don’t get your problem honestly…

You’re complaining about people leaving after second wave, when the second portal opens?

I do it everytime, when I don’t get a special room after second wave…

Then why do they leave, before they could even enter a golden Portal? i dont really dont think, they leave before the chaos portal is finished

Efficiency is the keyword.

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Cuz it’s more time efficient. Third wave has less mobs and more time consuming

So you want to tell me that golden Portals / Bosses are worth nothing?

After the second wave you can see from the portal colour if you enter a special room or not

I played more than 200 hours. I know how a golden Portal / big purple portal looks like. And they even leave before entering that one.

they should run it solo not matchmake and hold ppl hostage till they clear everything at portal 2 before leaving


It’s pretty selfish to do that in a group setting. If you’re going to do it that way, do it solo.


And thats something, that NEVER happened before. I play 3 characters, every day. Until today not a single player left. Now today in 5/8 Chaos Portals someone left at exactly the same progress. And that they dont even join a Golden / purple Portal made me post this.
is there maybe a way to explot at that point, to instant leave and not loose aura? That would explain, why dodgning a golden Portal / Boss portal is worth. And maybe thats only possible in the random matchmaking mode

No it still uses your aura, you can try it urself. and yes, he is selfish

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It’s because the META on chaos dungeons is to run the first and second rooms until portal pops and then leave, because it’s more efficient for people who are farming endless chaos dungeons. Playing all the way through is becoming like watching cutscenes.

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The players leaving are aping what they saw on Youtube. People who are only there for perception shards are leaving after stage 2 because stage 3 is less efficient for it.

It’s pretty scumbag behavior, to be honest. If you plan to leave mid-run, then you should be soloing. If you’re grouping because you think it’s faster, guess what? The other people who grouped also wanted to get it done faster, including stage 3. If half the group leaves before stage 3, then that screws the people left behind.

There needs to be a deserter penalty for leaving grouped chaos dungeons mid-run.


And why dont they play solo then? I am sure its more efficient to do it solo, instead of running it with 3 random supports that dont deal damage. And i am 100% sure, that people, that quit after the second stage for effieciency, know, that its not efficient, to play with randoms that sometimes want to clear every single mob in the first stage.
Makes no sense to me. And if it would be META, to do it in RANDOM 4-player groups, i would have seen it in the past 2 weeks and not only today in 5/8 groups.
And why do they even skip golden portals / boss portals? I am sure its not efficient to skip those

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Problem is that people are doing this in a party run.
It’s fine to do it for infinite chaos run this way as solo, but to do this in a party is just simply selfish and scummy.

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Would be nice if a CM or someone would comment on this because it’s actually getting ridiculous. Every run you have 1-2 people leaving a matchmaking activity without any penalty. If they want to do it solo that’s one thing but to queue up with the intention of leaving after seeing if you got a special portal is a dick move.
Also whoever made the guide to do this needs to go back and maybe mention not to use matchmaking if they want to use this method, because it’s pretty shitty to be promoting this type of behavior in the community.


It literally tells you the difficulty is lowered, so what’s the problem?

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Here’s the question if you don’t see the problem:

Why are these people queueing for a group in the first place if they plan to leave midrun? Clearly because they feel it’s more efficient; maybe they suck at soloing chaos dungeons.

So the nonleaving people who are queueing for a group that are left behind are then stuck without a group when they clearly also wanted a group for efficiency.

The leavers are treating their group members like disposable NPCs. It’s scumbag behavior and it should have a deserter penalty.