Players gonna have gold shortage to reach 1370 and higher

Well said. I’m F2P aside from the bronze founders, but played the game as my job to obtain 100k+ gold after looking at the honing costs table early on. My friends who aren’t as religious about the game definitely struggle trying to get by on una rewards etc.

“Economy 101”.

They must do something this week or more people will stay away untill some real changes are made to the market.

I don’t think you realize how hard it is to make gold right now for someone who didn’t get to enjoy the initial gold rush from the whales.

I doubt there is any F2ps buying crystals, there is barely enough gold to hone throughout a week, who the hell can afford crystals? that is the point, you so out of touch it ain’t funny.

Well yeah, more materials while still having same gold income = no gold to upgrade= selling materials to get gold to upgrade= crash of material prices.

Reminder, I’ve only been in the dead zone 2 weeks?


Now what am I doing differently to you?

  1. I’m taking the material taps every day, selling non-bound after I’ve done my taps and not before
  2. Not pushing the boat out when I don’t need to, anything I don’t need gets sold.
  3. Running all my Daily content, checking which Rapport has a gold reward coming up and focus on that Rapport
  4. Not spending any gold on my alts outside of honing when it becomes a requirement
  5. Taking 2 large chests from Unas tasks every week
  6. Running all Abyssals available, only buying the extras on my main, alts just take gold
  7. Looking for Gold Rewarding Adventure Island when it’s adventure island day, doing that one over the others, even if I have the Island soul
  8. Not wasting money on Tripods, I know this set has an expiry soon, so I don’t care to waste resources getting the correct tripods
  9. Stashing all Breaths/books/graces for “first tap” or “push tap”
  10. Running the events every day to bank the resources

So far I’ve had

“You’ll fall down at the dead zone”
“Yeah well 1350 is not even half way”
“You’ll see when you get to 1360”
“It takes two weeks to get to 1370 from 1360”

Maybe it’s because I’m going into this with a plan, willing to adjust that plan if things don’t quite go the way I want (had a few pities, but those pities came sooner because I booked the first tap) and not expecting to hit 1370 all the way from 1302 in a single week?

It’s not about blindly raw tapping and expecting miracles, work with your resources, think about a plan and you won’t go far wrong.

So if it’s silver, gold AND materials…you mean “It takes a while to level up”

Which one would that be?

Check the compass on adventure Island see what rewards are up. One of the Islands in the rotation can award gold.

Gold is frustrating. Some people got legendary books early on that sold for a fortune. The most valuable legendary book I got was worth 60. Most are worth 1 gold, lol.

I have no issues with gold currently. My issue is silver. I’m doing lopang, chaos etc with 5 alts but honing and various other things eats it all really fast. I hope it doesn’t stay this way forever.

I would rather they kept up with the extra events that allow us to purchase more mats as well as tailoring and metallurgy books. F2P players would suffer from the injection of silver and gold, as a compromise keeping events running will allow people to get unbound mats and they can either sell them for gold or keep them. That’s the least painful option from which both parties partially benefit.

With the cost of upgrading gear, and the RNG risk factor of just losing it all…

I find I rather just stop enhancing all together and enjoy the game at 1358.

I run my daily grind, get my enhance mats from the drops, sell them all and maybe walk away with 2k Gold. I buy crystals and purchase the things I want like Rapport items and such for Adventure logs.

The game has effectively killed any interest I have for progression simply because I don’t enjoy being so pinched for everything to have it all blow up.

I wouldn’t mind this system if I could just grind up more mats and gold at my leisure, but you honestly can’t without spending cash in this game with how choked resource income is.

Do I think anything AGS does atm will quell the issue quickly, nope… I think this is something that will take a few months of content being added to pan out enough for casual F2P such as myself to get interested again in enhancing when materials on the market are all 1g each and Gold income resources become more available.

ATM right now if you want to progress in LA it needs to be a job with alts and lots of hours committed to progression. Many people are already feeling the burnout and playing less, not quitting, but just playing less and less…

I have lot of hours invested into this game and honestly do want to see it blossom into something more enjoyable. I’m patiently going to wait for this magical unicorn of a road-map they claim to have in the works, after that… if it doesn’t reflect the concerns and interest of the players… I will just move on with no regrets. Lost Ark is like a great marriage that turned abusive I know leaving would be in my best interest… but he can change right… I love him,… he can change.

Gold is far less of a problem than silver at i1370+

Quickly finding silver is the biggest gate in the game which is heavily slowing progression.

You thought 1340-1370 was bad?

When you hit 1370+ you will find yourself moving at a limp and the main thing you’re waiting for all the time, is silver.

It’s funny because the honing area being complained about is only an issue with gold if you’re not playing alts. If you are playing alts and clearing your content weekly you shouldn’t have any gold shortages. If you don’t want to play alts then tough just progress slower.

Yep but gold was a huge problem before as well. The game doesn’t really reward you much for just playing, most things are built around monetization, that just isn’t the play.

Don’t hate companies for wanting to make cash for their efforts but it’s just gone too far in some games, it’s not sustainable. This game reaches far too hard and desperately tries to do it cleverly.

Already happened to me lol

There’s a reason all of these systems were changed in Korea. You have no idea what you’re talking about. This game is not “Slanted in favour of F2P” players. It’s slanted in favour of whales who are already at 1415+

There is not enough weekly gold generation in the game to cover actual honing costs. The crystal price and material price is irrelevant. F2P players are sitting on hoards of materials because they have no gold to actually attempt to hone their shit.

Buying blue crystals does not give you gold to hone. The fact that you’re even making this argument shows that you don’t understand the problem. You can’t “Farm for gold.” The game has limited gold generation, period.

And before you make a stupid argument: Selling shit on the marketplace is not gold generation. It does not create new gold.

There’s supposed to be an NPC that converts gold into silver. I think it’s missing from our version of the game though.

yep, but the rates for conversion are absolutely awful 100g = 10k silver 1000g = 100k silver

Best to stick to the Lopang grinds.

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Once people get to T3, people should get a more of silver income, not enough for endless/excessive amount of honing. Ive been able to recover 800k silver the past 3 days without lopang. I only did like chaos, guardian, and chaos gates.

Now while its not enough if people are intending to force their way to 1370, but it is borderline acceptable if you pace yourself.