Players got 1 year free Subscription from EU West servers but are playing EU central

Amazon patched it so now nobody else can get the aura day 3 reward and blue crystals. So now you guys are treating all players unfairly?

Can everyone who didn’t get the reward please be given the aura out of respect and moral grounds.

This is so sad what the hell.

What about people who now want to move across to EU West? Now they do not even get the Aura day 3 reward anymore…talk about treating so many players unfairly.


The whole aura issue is a huge hole in their planning.
It was obviously not intended to be used in such way (it falls in the category of exploiting, but they won’t ban those people cause there are probably too many who did it).
If anything they should remove that aura and not give it to everyone else.


yep the just dont care, they got our money.

I knew it that this will come! Fantastic.

Post updated. Its much worse than I originally thought.

After these 2,5 weeks I can do nothing but conclude that everybody in charge at Amazon gaming are a bunch of greedy incompetent cunts

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If they consumed the Aura, which they most likely have now considering AGS just gave them a heads up…nothing will happen and the rest of us will have to pay for 1 year sub while still being stuck in queues with our own paid Aura. This is extremely bad.

The way EU is being treated right now by Amazon is so disrespectful.

I wouldn’t be too sure. There is money involved in the crystalline aura, so I could see them detect and adjust that part too.

Amazon and planning. Two things that don’t go together.

Server wide claims for account wide benefits is definitely a sign of inexperience and should be avoided at all costs. Blue gems are kind of tricky since they are kind of server wide but can be used for one account wide purchase. They need to implement a flag or system to make some rewards only claimable once per account.

Though it was linked above, I wanted to reiterate that we will be removing this from accounts (both consumed Aura and the items that were obtained this way)


@Roxx Thank you for clearing this up and responding to this post!! I will update my community and friends.

just don’t forget to send them an official warning, or maybe 2 or 3 days of ban, to help them understand.

Punishment is a way to teach, harsh but it works

LoL … Does that mean people who play only on EU central will be safe against this removal? I’m worried about it will be some mistake again / no offense against you and your development team. But I have saved my aurora from playing before release - gifts from you, etc. in storage and I’m scared to lose it.

This will only remove the Aura that was received as a result of this event


Idk what event you mean. I hear rumors about EUW before anyway. Is a chance to get this 1-year aurora from this event now for EUW and use it only there? Or its internal problem connected with aurora was used for both regions once you will use it ?

Not important anymore since Roxx has cleared it up and all the aura and blue crystals used to buy further aura will be removed. It was unique rewards given on EU West to make it more appealing to move to, except people were not moving to EU West, just making characters to claim rewards that gave account wide effects (The Aura) and still continue playing on EU Central giving them a huge advantage of 365 days subscription over normal players who wouldn’t get that who continued to just play on EU Central. The issue is all cleared up now, this is no longer possible, they patched it this morning and will be removing the Aura gained via those EU West Login Rewards. So if this is a fact and is being rolled out, this means the entire playbase will be treated equally and that was my biggest concern, not the exploit itself, but players potentially being treated differently and getting a edge over other players for essentially no effort.

Problem fixed. No longer a problem. I await to see the actual evidence and results of this though. I believe the community deserves the transparency around this on an official post.

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You seem to be pretty happy of how amazon once again fucks us over… let me guess, you don‘t have an account on EUW.

Amazon is not doing anything correct here, so many issues left uncommented/unsolved: big queues, aura not showing up, matchmaking broken, cant create character, thousands of bots on every server farming gold, powerpass completing all roster quests making it unable to claim any roster quest reward you haven‘t done before powerpassing, etc

But beware when players can get free aura, this is where we need to act FAST! -_-

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