Players have lost thousands of gold from this! Sell your materials efficiently

The market charges you a 5% tax on every item you list. That means if you list an item for 20 gold, you’ll pay 1 gold. This also applies when you sell an item for less than 20 gold. If you sell an item for 5 gold, you’ll pay 1 gold as tax. This system is simple but can cost buyers extra gold they don’t need to pay if the seller fails to list their items correctly. Here’s how:

Lately, crystallized guardian stones have been sold for 3 gold per bundle (prices from EU Central). The majority sell them for this price. However, there are some players seeking instant sales–some players who do not want to wait hours for their items to reach the front of the pack and start being bought. These players have been selling their crystallized guardian stones for 2 gold per bundle, which is inefficient.

EU Central market; crystallized guardian stone prices as of 11/08/22

If you sell a bundle of crystallized guardian stones for 3 gold, you pay 1 gold in tax, leaving you with a profit of 2 gold. If you sell them at 2 gold per bundle, you’re paying 1 gold in tax and earning a profit of 1 gold. If you sell the bundle at just 1 gold, you earn 1 gold profit. Why? This is because items listed at 1 gold are not taxed. Yes, you do pay gold the moment you list an item for 1 gold but this is just a deposit, which you are paid back once you successfully sell the item you listed. This means there is no difference in profit from selling an item at 1 or 2 gold–at least for the player selling the item.

The market buyers are losing gold due to items being sold at 2 gold instead of 1 gold. To make the market experience better for those wishing to invest their gold into items to enhance their gameplay I wrote this with the intention of recommending all players to not sell items at 2 gold any more due to the loss it’s causing for market buyers. Thank you for reading!


but then there are those dont care about this as they want to sell the item asap by undercutting and making gold as soon as possible

also if u sell it at 1 gold u get more than 1 gold

u can undercut at 1 gold too and it’s just better for buyers

If only destruction stones cost the same amount. I would be pretty happy to see that if it comes true.

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